Sunday, February 27, 2005

Girls' Night Strikes Again....

Actually, the last two nights were girls' night. Hmm. Anyway, last night my friend Crystal, from university (I said university, Dena! Woot!) and I went to my friend Amanda's (also from university) Spring Show. Amanda is a Spanish teacher and Drill Team (dance team for those of you not from these here parts) director at a high school about 40 minutes from here. Every year they have the big Spring Show, and I do mean BIG SPRING SHOW. The town is small, but I think everyone and their uncle show up for the Spring Show. The girls do about 12 routines, there are singers that do 3-4 numbers in between routines, there's always a band for intermission, and there's even a Master of Ceremonies (Randy...every year). Amanda and her mom and sister are psychos for a few months before the show...culminating with ultimate psychosis in the week prior, but it always turns out great.

Crystal came over to meet me at our new house and get the tour, and then I drove us to Bonham for the show. We didn't get lost!! That's a first. Crystal and I are really good at getting lost, but luckily we're also good at getting unlost. We made a run to Amanda's house to pick up our tickets from her mailbox, and then we went to the auditorium. Her mom had roped off seats for us (VIP treatment), and we enjoyed the show very much.

Amanda is the cutest thing since toast. She's a dancer....she's been clogging for most of her lifetime, and she took dance lessons for years. Now she coaches the drill team and she teaches at a local dance school. I think she's on the state clogging team or something equally impressive. Anyway, they had a performance to The Devil Went Down to Georgia (thank you Charlie Daniels), and the girls dressed up as Johnny, and Amanda was the devil. We missed it a few years ago when we first went to the show (got severely lost that year), but this year the theme was "War Dancer Reruns" so we got to see it again. So cuuuute! And Amanda is so good.

The show went off without a hitch, and then we grabbed meatball subs at Subway (messyyy!), and went back to Amanda's house for a girly chat. As usual we didn't get out of there until the early morning hours.

Overall, a very fulfilling evening of catching up and top-notch Amanda-provided entertainment. Dance on sista!

On TV: Something about Conroe's catfish festival
Reading: Little Earthquakes, by Jennifer Weiner


  1. 'Cause it IZZZ university, not college! :P

    I'm proud of you, chickadee.


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