Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm downright pissy......

Yes, you heard me. I'm downright pissy today. A few contributing factors:

1) Last night's lack of sleep. I would lay there and the wheels would start churning. Keep in mind, when I was upright.....no wheels...when I got horizontal, lots and lots of wheels.

2) Money is a scarcity.

3) They moved my morning classes out of their usual room. There's a continuing ed. class taking over my morning classroom because, according to one of the secretaries, "You're not on the schedule." Well fuck me! According to the schedules of all the students we're on the schedule for that room!

Given, most of these are small potatoes, but when you're sleep deprived everything seems like a land mine. Thank goodness today is not my workout day. I would probably keel over in the street or beat up a neighbor. I was even irritable when my mom tried to give me the cell phone to carry this morning. Oy!

I have to go teach a lab/class combo from 11:-1 and then a reading class from 1-2:15. Can we say quiet, independent work?? I'll be reading The Robber Bride under the podium.

**Note: A few minutes ago I got moved back to my regular classroom. *silent yay*


  1. isn't it true?? no sleep=world is ending. always. i'm the same way, by the way. As soon as i lay down at night my brains starts spinning. drives my husband nuts sometimes. :)

  2. At least I'm only bothering myself when my brain starts churning. Well, and maybe the dogs when I get up and wander around the house looking for a halfway decent midnight snack. ;o)

  3. LOL @ "reading The Robber Bride under the podium."

    I hear that, sister. I squeeze Fingersmith in under the podium in last night's class.


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