Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I can't sleep, so I choose to ramble. I've been laying here for over and hour and I keep replaying the inevitable in my head. We won't go into that....

Some thoughts frolicking at the edge of my consciousness:

*I've found a new favorite magazine. Utne. It's a collection of reprinted articles from independent press, books, etc. Really interesting. This month's issue deals largely with religion and our ideas of faith. They have a website, but so far it's not updated for this month.


*I need to read The Robber Bridegroom. I've never read the tale, and I'm sure The Robber Bride would be a richer experience if I read the tale.

*Miranda Lambert is quite possibly the most annoying country singer in America. I think she won Nashville Star the last time around (don't watch it). She's adorable....good voice...but her pronunciation is DREADFUL. We're not talking Leann Rimes dreadful, but even her twang has twang. Listen to the song Me and Charlie Talking and you'll understand.

*I bought Evanescence's new CD/DVD combo a week or so ago. Their cover of Korn's Thoughtless gives me chills.

*Boys Stink. Throw rocks at them. (My compliments to the journal at Hastings with this printed smack-dab on the front.)

*I'm way overdue for a new hair color.


  1. Haven't heard what's her name, but Leann Rimes' slurring drives me batty.

  2. Ugg, I know. Kinda sounds like she's got too much spit in her mouth all of the time.

  3. Angela Carter has a cool version of The Robber Bridegroom in one of her story collections. But you're probably looking for the more traditional version. Come to think of it, its prolly online somewhere; http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/grimm040.html

    It is also known as Blue Beard, but there are a few links at the bottom of that site.

  4. I've been reading Utne lately too. I hadn't picked it up in a long time and then about 2 months ago one of their covers caught my eye. Now I check it out regularly and usually buy it. There's a nice variety of topics. I've got the current one too. Can't decide if I want to subscribe.


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