Monday, March 07, 2005

Bet Me

Valerie gets a huge, garish gold star for recommending that I read Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie. I freakin' loved this book, and it was freakin' sexy!!!! Crusie writes GREAT sexual tension. I was sweating while reading...I swear.

And Val, I'm totally flattered that you thought of the main character and me in any sort of relation. I really liked Min, and I can only hope my Cal will wander along with donuts. In the meantime I'm off to buy some black lace-up heels with floppy red flowers on them....or the clear ones with the cherries. I love the cover now. ;o)

Thank you, Val!!! Many happy blessings on your head! And recommend more stuff!!!!


  1. You've had a busy weekend haven't you? I rarely get online over the weekend, so Mon is my catch up day, and I've loads to read here :)

  2. Hope you enjoy the reading, Fence! I didn't post much of anything was too relaxing a weekend ro rant and rave. That's reserved for this week. lol

  3. okay, i know this was like eightyseven posts ago, but it has nothing to do with your page, so i'm putting up here where it is more likely to get read:
    you had lunch with Lesa?? How is she? Isn't she kid-ridden, too, now?? how is chris? give her a hey for me if you see her again. and val- i hope you get to go back to lone star! i miss it, too. i don't think i'll be moving back anytime soon, myself, but i live vicariously through you in the hopes that you get to!!

  4. I didn't have lunch with her yet, but I probably will next week. She is kid-ridden....his name is Ben and he's adorable. I told her you have a bun in the oven, by the way. Will give you the scoop on how she is when I get to talk to her.

  5. Clack,
    I meant to ask. Did you ever get to read the Shopaholic books? Those were the last ones you mentioned, and I was looking at them at Hastings this morning.

  6. i never did.i was going to and then something else got in the way. i don't like to read books like that without a reccomendation. they do LOOK bright and entertaining, though. apparently i am still a toddler...drawn to bright colors and shapes...

  7. Me too. I was captivated by the lovely color of green on Marian Keyes' novel, Sushi For Beginners, yesterday at Hastings. I promptly put a padlock on my debit card and left the store empty-handed.

  8. I love all of Crusie's books, she's a great writer. Wonderful snarky factor!

  9. Yea!!!!! I am soooo glad that you liked the book! Your Cal is right around the corner. Don't you fret. CJ- I have wanted to move back to TX since I left the lovely place! Hopefully you will get to eventually move back to TX too. It is not fun being away from family especially when you have children.

  10. Have you tried Anna Maxted's Getting Over It? I read that ages ago and seem to remember enjoying it very much. I think she is categorized as Brit Chick Lit, but since it dealed with the death of the main character's dad and "getting over it" it had a definite gravity to it other novels in that genre don't have.

    You might like that one!

    Also, I read the shopaholic books, they are pure fluff, but good for a laugh!

    And, if you want to try Marian Keyes, go for Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, and Rachel's Holiday. Rachel's Holiday is pretty deep since the main character has a drug problem and the "Holiday" is going to rehab.

    Need any more recs just lemme know! I haven't read chick lit in ages, might be time to try some again.

  11. Hi, Rurality! Do we know each other?? I thought you might be someone from one of my book groups. Thanks for stopping by, and I just looked over your blog. Can't wait to read!

    *pat on the back*

    I haven't tried Maxted or Keyes, so thanks so much for the recs! This chick lit thing is a totally new experiencfe for me, and I'm really enjoying it! Then again, analytical English-nerd me....I'm thinking of how it all relates to feminism, "The Beauty Myth", etc. My mom would tell me "just read it and enjoy it!" lol Oh well, it adds to my enjoyment.

    Hey, I can't post comments on your blog. Do you have them disabled?? I loved the knitted top you did for Ellie (and did I spell that right?).

  12. I'll check into it, I thought I had comments enabled. And thanks for the complement and yes you spelled it right! My own best friend write Eli, duh!

    I'm really liking your idea on chick lit. So many readers look down on it (book snobs grrr!) without thinking about the deeper meanings that are there. Keep going with it, I am loving your ideas!

  13. Thanks, Heather! I checked out two more chickish books today. The ideas keep on flowin'!


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