Monday, March 14, 2005

Celebrity bloggin'....

Celebs are jumping on the blog train left and right. As I was perusing the NY Times website the other day I ran across two.....

Rosie O'Donnell has a blog. Mmmmhmmm.
And yes, it's just as pretentious as the title. Boo-freakin'-hoo for Rosie. I read over approximately half a post before I threw up into my baseball cap and promptly closed the window. She's got some kind of e.e. cummings vibe going.

so judith newman writes a shitty article about me for vanity fair
she feels – I imagine - guilty for doing so –
as it sucked totally - full of nothing

so as the trial ends and we await
judge gammermans decision

her need to apologize gets the better of her
she e mails me


Some of you might remember Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He played Wesley Crusher (and my pre-teen bod would've loved him to do some crushin'....grrr). Now that he's been spotted at Hooters (hiss) and asked, "Didn't you used to be an actor?" he's started a blog to talk about the fact that he's still an actor even though no one knows it.

So far, from what I've read (which was little, given the vomiting into the cap), I much prefer my friends' blogs. Much more interesting.

On TV: The Today Show (sing it Kelly Clarkson!)
In the CD player: still Eva Cassidy
Reading: A History of the Wife, by Marilyn Yalom


  1. Ah Will's isn't so bad. And he has been at it quite a while. He talks too much about poker, or at least he did when I used to pop by.

    but Zach Braff yer man from Scrubs has a blog too.

  2. what??? how pathetic is she?? i'm fine with you writing stuff about your own negative emotions because its your FRIENDS that read it, but to be throw that size pity party on the internet for no one in particular....uh...if you ever start that mess I'll stop reading you! Why is it that people think the world wants to hear their "woe is me" crap? okay, maybe its just me, but that's what i think. as for can almost understand him wanting SOMEONE to realize that he still acts. after all, no one knows...

  3. Fence,
    Yeah, Wil's isn't bad. Rosie's is BAD! lol

    Thanks for the Braff link!

  4. LOL, Clack! I strongly urge you to stop reading me if I go that way.

  5. I was going to post the Braff blog but Fence beat me to it! I love his blog! And he allows comments!

    Also, did you know Blair from The Facts of Life has a blog? Lisa

    Here's a list of some: The Onion A.V. Club. Also with blogs: Billy Corgan (from Smashing Pumpkins), Gillian Anderson, Melanie Griffith, Al Roker, and Fred Durst (just what we needed!).

  6. I can't stand it when folks so awful, sappy imitations of ee cummings. Yuck! When I was editor of my lit magazine in college -- we'd get a ton of that crap!

  7. Thanks, Heather!!! That should help keep me busy this week!

  8. Amanda,
    I was a reader for my university English journal and we go a lot of that, too. Nauseating for sure.

  9. cummings didn't use punctuation, for the love of heaven! why....why....why.....must people try to imitate what cannot be imitated well??? its a sick obsession, let me just say.

  10. LOL, yeah, and I still typed his name e.e. At least I didn't capitalize it. The lack of punctuation goes against every bit of anal retentiveness in my body. Although, I do love reading his poetry.

  11. I have enjoyed WW's blog for a couple of years now. He ain't so byaaad. And we share a birthday :)

    Is that really Rosie O'Ugly writing? I get the feeling it's a faker.

  12. OMG, do you think Rosie fakes it?? LOL

  13. I'd like to lick Zach Braff's golden balls. He won a Golden Globe, right?

  14. LOL. You crack me up. I think that's really Rosie. Oh, and I saw her on some news mag show the other night bitching about how Kirstie Alley isn't really 215 pounds because she's fat and she knowwwwws. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.


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