Thursday, March 17, 2005

Everything is Not So Luminous....

I posted about how I was going to start Everything is Illuminated, by Jonathan Safran Foer. I did start it, and I made it to page 20. As an Amazon reviewer so eloquently put it:

...while I wouldn't go so far as to call Foer a writing genius, he is good at what he does...the only problem is that he is screaming this on every page he writes. His style is one that is so obviously telling the reader, "Hey look at how clever I am! Aren't I so funny and brilliant...I'm great", and personally that's a turn-off.

Foer reminds me of John Updike....buttloads of pretension. No thanks! The NYTimes can lick my niblets this time cuz I think they're wrongggg.


  1. LOL @ lick my niblets.

    I tried with this book. Dreadfully pretentious. I got the feeling JSF would be licking his own balls in a self-congratulatory gesture if he could. Annoying fucker. Shitty book, too.

  2. You know it's going to be a movie, right? With Elijah Wood?


    I do have this book but I haven't tried it yet. Can't say that I'm too gung ho now either.

    I hate pretentious people! Grrr!

  3. Oh crap. And I thought so much of Elijah Wood. He's my favorite hobbit. lol

  4. I hate that sort of writing. Put me off the Dave Egges book I read last year. Oh so "look at me and my hard life" and its knowingness just put me off.

  5. Yeahhh, I've never gotten around to Eggers. The title was neough!

  6. :) I like neough. Think we should introduce its usage as a word meaning enough in a bad way. Now, how should we pronounce it? nee-uff?

  7. That sounds like a delightful plan, and the pronunciation was spot-on. :o)

  8. After I read your post I picked up the New Yorker and John Updike wrote a review of Foer's new book. Twilight Zone.

  9. Oh my GOD!!! I just wrote a huge rant on Projectile Reviews about what butt monkeys Updike and Foer are. LOL


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