Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fighting to stay conscious!

I must type quickly! My eyes are about to close involuntarily! I cannot be held responsible for any embarrassing typos within this post.

First off, American Idol is an effin' effin' scam!!! Constantine the long-haired-weirdo/looks-like-a-drunk did NOT get sent home!!! He sang a Police song! No one should be allowed to sing vintage Sting and he's a good of example! Instead, my lovely Nikko....Mr. "Let's Get it On" and "Georgia" got sent home. I would like to protest. Bo and the Federov kid are still in it, so I have some hope for the human race.

Next, I went shopping this morning. I need some new shoes for my almost-daily workouts, so I picked up some Nikes (can't remember which type). I haven't decided if I'm keeping them or not. We're not bonding so far. When I was browsing I also found some really cute, funky, hippy'ish sandals to replace my old "Jesus" sandals. My Jesus sandals have almost completely lost their soles, so I figured it was time to put them out to pasture.

As I was browsing the clothes at Belk, I kept having a flashback to Bet Me. At one point Cal tells Min (a plus-size woman), "You dress like you hate your body." *I* dress like I hate my body. I'm all about navy blue t-shirts, so I decided, as I looked around at all the Easter-eggish colors to try and branch out. I picked up a striped Bill Blass button up....3/4 length sleeves, and the colors really are flattering on me. 4 shades of light blues/turquoises and 4 shades of limey green. Works with my baby blues. Also picked up a pair of cropped workout pants....also a lightish turquoiseish blue. I'm gonna die in the TX heat if I try to workout in sweats after April. So yeah, it's a first step at integrating color. I wore the shirt to the library board meeting today and got tons o'compliments.

Which leads me to the library board meeting. Actually, it's the Historical Society that is doing everything. We had a speaker to answer questions from the North Texas Library Association, and she was quite helpful. The bad news is, it looks like we're going to have to start out an independent library and make the NTLS thing a goal for down the road. Right now the town has some 1,200 citizens, and we would have to have a yearly expenditure of $10,000 running the library to be a part of NTLS and get extra funding. $10,000 is a lot to ask for such a small town, so maybe sometime in the future. I'm saving up my would-otherwise-donate books to give to the library. We're trying to start out with at least 7000 volumes. I'm sure there will be lots of fundraiser talk in the near future.

After the library jazz I came home, got in my comfortables, grades quizzes (barf), and tried to decide on my next book to read. I'm also having stirrings of a novel in my head. Will report on that later. I finally decided, around 9pm tonight, that I would read Babylon Revisited...short stories from F. Scott Fitzgerald. I got the book (in excellent condition!) from the UBS for $2.98 several years ago. I think it's paid its dues on the TBR.

My fuckin' laptop is acting all wonky again. The screen is still cracked because I haven't worked up the balls to try and scam a new screen out of Circuit City. Now, for some unknown reason, it's getting too hot and cutting off in the middle of important activities!! Like playing Outburst, playing SIMS2, and sometimes when I'm just messing around like right now. This is a problem. It had been doing well with this particular lap desk because it's a really hard, flat surface, with lots of ventilation, but for some reason it's decide to act a-bitch. Hmmphf.

I'm off to bed. For once I'm actually sleepy at a decent hour. Thanks to all of you who've been such active commenters on previous posts! I really enjoy hearing what you all have to say. :o)

On TV: nada
Listening to: silence
In my head: Mr. Bean. Go figure.


  1. Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson, or is this a different Mr. Bean?

  2. Jesus sandals shouldn't be ABLE to lose their soles...hahahahahaha...
    oh dear. i'm such a nerd.....

    i told mom about the library and she was completely impressed. wish i'd known you people needed books! i just gave a tooooon of them away. oh! and SHE has a million kids books that she wants to rid herself of. hit her up for some when the time comes.

  3. Ugg....the blogger comments have been so screwy this morning. I think we're finally back on track.

    Fence, I was thinking of Rowan Atkinson, but his name slipped my mind. Have you seen Rat Race? I have it on DVD, and there are big plans to watch it sometime this weekend. So funny.

    Clack, I almost said something about Jesus sandals and soles in my post, but I figured you'd take care of that for me. ;o)

    Will def hit your mom up for some books. I just sold about 5 boxes to Half Price. Wish I still had 'em around and I would've donated them. Blah!

  4. i let her know you would be looking for some. i'll be there in july and i think we're going to do a huge booksort then, so we'll be sure to box up eight hundred or so for know how my family shortage of reading material!

  5. Woo! Glad you'll be here in July, since I didn't get to see ya at Christmas.

  6. You could watch eBay for some cheap book lots too; lots of those to go around. Just a thought :)

    Good luck building your library, you are so lucky to be a part of something like that! Unfortunately/fortunately (?) we have a pretty competent library here. Bummer :)

  7. Great idea, Heather! I hadn't thought of that. It should be a neat project, but I have a feeling it's gonna get unbelievably hectic at some point. :o) Oh well! That's OK!


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