Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Get out of my yard!!!!

I was in a bit of a cranky mood tonight. I had a good day overall. My workout this morning was awesome....did like almost two miles before it started raining. I'm irked by the fact that, while my ass is shrinking, I'm not actually losing POUNDS according to my scale. So, I went for ANOTHER walk with my Mom tonight...just a mile. But...by the time I got home my ankles and calves were screaming from the extra workout, and I had told Mom earlier in the evening about a little putz of a kid from down the street that had been riding his scooter through our driveway. When the said kid drove his said orange, motorized scooter through the driveway I was STANDING at the garage talking to the Baptist preacher's wife. Said Baptist preacher's wife made a big fuss about how cute the kid was and, "Oh! I just LOOOOVE your scooter!" I was standing there drooling and kicking dirt like a mad dog because my mama taught me you don't go on people's property!!! I couldn't tell the little ankle biter to get the fuck out of my space while the Baptist preacher's wife was standing there inviting us to the Easter services, now could I??

So, as Mom and I were approaching home there was a girl on a bike that came up from behind us and, right in front of us, CUT ACROSS OUR DRIVEWAY ON HER BIKE!!!!! *snarl, spit, kick*

I gathered myself, but I was pissy...like I said, and said, "Uh, little girl, could you NOT drive through our driveway??!!!!" She mumbled yes and kept riding. I just really don't want the kids falling and knocking themselves out on our property or, worse, scratching the Jeep or my Accord. Plus, I'm territorial. Stay out of my damn driveway!!!!!



  1. We have kids on ATV's and dirt bikes that like to go through the backyard. Like you, I was raised to not go into others' yards. I understand an occasional mishap, I mean we don't have a fence, but when they come 50ft from my back door, HELLO. Oh, FYI, I just got through making a Lemon Chiffon cake for Dave's B-Day tomorrow....from scratch....mmmm, I don't want to wait!

  2. That would drive me nutty! I guess I shouldn't gripe about bikes and scooters when you have ATV's in your yard!!! lol

    The cake sounds heavenly! One of the secretaries here at school has a b-day today, so we're havin' cake. I can't wait!

  3. i work with a girl who had a pool and got rid of it because she would come home from work and find ten kids swimming in her backyard. talk about a nightmare! can you imagine if one of them drowned? where are these kids parents???
    and val- i find out one week from tomorrow. i'll be sure and let you all know!

  4. I'd have to skin some kids. That would be so awful. That's one reason mom never put in a pool at our house...and she didn't wanna have to keep it clean.

  5. I have some interesting new neighbours and they tick me off big time too so I completely understand. They rev their stupid done-up Civics at all hours and were smoking up last week.....if this continues I'm calling the cops and I really don't care.
    People should just not piss us off, its really their fault LOL.
    PS If they hit my Accord I'd smack them too :)
    Amy :)

  6. LOL, Amy! Yeah, I undersand about loud neighbors, too. The postmaster and his family live across the street from us, and his son, until recently, had a REALLY loud truck...all the pipes and mess. Anyway, he would wake me up at 7:00 EVERY morning....and sometimes 7 on Saturdays. Thank God he sold it or we'd be havin' a neighbor war right now.

    You're right. It is their fault for pissin' us off. lol

  7. Ugh, I have the same problem! We have new neighbors and it's nothing to come and see their kids walking through our yard! Grr, it makes me SOOO mad!

    We used to have neighbors across the street who would rev up their motors at odd hours (2 am??? where the heck do you need to go at 2 am when you are over 60?????). And they would yell the strangest stuff across the yard (like about rashes on their asses and weird stuff like that) Thank God they got evicted and are long gone.

    Ohh, didn't that sound awful? *blush*

  8. LMAO!!! Rashes on their asses and reving at 2am when you're over 60?? That's fodder for a book, my friend. Don't be surprised, if I ever get published, to see a story about old scratchy revers. hehe

  9. I would love to see that in a book! I could tell you some CRAZY things about those people. The woman used to come over all the time and tell my hubby Aaron about her itches in unmentionable places (well unmentionable to anyone but her!) and her gout and her moles that needed removing...ugh, she was nasty! She would go on and on about this kind of stuff.

    In fact, she came over one time about 6 months after Ellie was born and was going on and on about her babies and then out of the blue she asks me if I'm still nursing. I nursed her for 13 months, so I say yes, and she says "Well, you really haven't lot the baby weight yet."

    Now, this is coming from a woman who is easily 180 and I was barely 135.

    Needless to say, she's a bit batty ;)

  10. Oh sweet Lord! LoL! They sound like something that would be talked about on the Blue Collar Comedy tour. Sounds like they'd fit in with Larry the Cable Guy just perfectly. I'm afraid I might've put a potato in their loud muffler!

  11. Dang! I wish I had thought of that!

    Someone did egg their big huge busted up old van though!

  12. I wish I had a yard for people to trespass through. My neighbors are fairly considerate. I did knock on the ceiling once. My neighbor's screamer girlfriend was obviously there, and my kids woke up scared because they thought she was crying.

  13. Oooh, yeah I can just imagine having to explain, or get around, that incident. I always had fairly good neighbors when I was in an apartment. Pure luck of the draw.


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