Sunday, March 06, 2005

I was planning to unload all my feelings about porn and beauty expectations today, but alas, I was busy with other things.

1) Woke up at 8am and went grocery shopping with Mom. Filled the house up with healthy stuff since we were pretty much out of everything...including bread and eggs.

2) Dropped some magazines off at the psychiatric hospital where Mom used to work.

3) Bought a hanging basket of strawberries for the front porch.

4) Came home and worked out.

5) Cleaned my gawd-awful room.

6) Read my latest issue of Utne cover to cover. I freakin' love this magazine, and April, you need this issue. All sorts of religion stuff that I think you'd enjoy.

7) Chatted with our neighbor, Mary Lynn. I'm now invited to join the town's library planning committee. Yes, my little town is getting a library, and I'm TICKLED about it.

8) Prepared salmon, shrimp, and salad for dinner. Yum in the tum.

9) Showered and read The Beauty Myth (not simultaneously). I should finish it tomorrow. I'm on the violence section now, and it's gettin' juicy again.

Posts on the way:
More Beauty Myth stuff, obviously
The promised porn post (goes with the Beauty Myth stuff)
Pics of my dogs
My favorite words
Further discussion of some interesting stuff in Utne
A recipe for the best crab dip on the planet
Lyrics to the song Thoughtless. It's been stuck in my head for about 2 weeks.

Signing off.

MP3: Nickel Creek....Reasons Why
In my head: Hoping I don't have a repeat of last night's dream. Last night I dreamed about a guy that showed up to my lunch book group last month, and he was stalking me in the dream. It sucked.


  1. I'll try to find a copy (I had never heard of it before your blog), or if not, I'll check out the website. Thanks :)

  2. oddly enough i was just thinking yesterday that caddo needed a public library. Rob and i went to walk on his old high school track and i was trying to explain the miniscule dimensions of our educational experience and for no reason whatsoever i thought of our old elementary school library, which i loved so dearly as a child, and where we had all those lovely book fairs and i thought "they should've just kept it as a library..." so plan away!! i'm excited already!

  3. Me too! The historical society wants to put the new library on the 2nd floor of the new "Opry House"-used-to-be-the-Masonic-lodge building next to the bank. I think that's a crappy idea. It would make a lot more sense to put it in the old elementary school library....more opportunity for expansion, etc. Oh, and speaking of book fairs, I went to the one they had not long ago at the elementary school. They had YA and adult books in addition to the kiddy stuff. It was so much fun!

  4. I'm so glad someone else I know has discovered (and appreciates) Utne. What I love most is that it offers something different from the same old recycled nonsense the mainstream media talks about.

    And they rated The Austin Chronicle one of the "best of the alternative press" in a recent issue.

  5. Catherine,
    I love this latest issue so much...all the religion stuff and lots of issues that related to my reading of The Beauty Myth (great timing). I also really enjoyed the previous issue with the 10 most under-covered news stories, or something to that effect. And yay for The Austin Chronicle!! I hadn't heard that!


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