Thursday, March 03, 2005

My brain is on fire!!!

Seriously!!! My brain is on FIRE! I'm having one of those brilliant epiphany moments (well, brilliant and highly entertaining to me, anyway). I'm having all sorts of swirling ideas about chick lit., how it fits into our society, is it just a bunch of pot boilers or is there something deeper going on there, what's it's worth, what is its downfall, where does it fit in among the beauty myth and the Rites of Beauty. Ohmagod! I'm so excited. I had an idea for a book this morning, I'm having an idea for a Bust article, and I'm having an idea for a Master's Thesis all at once. This is an intellectual orgasm of the highest order!!! AND I'VE GOTTA GO TEACH READING! Fuck me! I'll be back to actually explain all of this.


  1. Explain, explain! I'm on the edge of my seat :)

  2. Great!!! I love it when my mind starts to work like this.... I once thought of writing a Bust article or book about strip clubs. But then again I have many books and fem-news pieces floating around in my head. Let me know what you find out! Good luck!

  3. I love it, too, Amanda! It hasn't happened in a longgg time. lol

  4. You get me so fired up, I want to fly you and the girls out here so we can convene in a bookstore -- right in front of the chick lit display table!!

  5. I scribbled an outline for a Bitch article last night.

    Bust, imho, pales! Bitch, something about Bitch...the non-glossy pages? I don't know, but it appealed to me so much more than Bust ever did.

  6. We should definitely convene in a be followed by taking over the world.

    I've only had one issue of Bitch, and that particular issue didn't do much for me. I'd like to try it again, but none of the news stands around here carry it. Will have to look up the website and think about a subscription.

  7. And what's the possible topic for the Bitch article?? I love your brain you know. :o)

  8. Andi, I had more than one idea. One kept leading to another, but my main idea sprung out of my cerebral obsession with Barbie. That leads to dolls in general and what they mean to little girls. I'll email you about the idea!

    What are your ideas? You wanna write about chick lit?

  9. I love your brain, too!!

  10. Sorry, last one, I promise. I picked up a copy of Bitch. Check out some of the articles:

    Sentenced to Obscurity: The unseen world of women behind bars

    Change of a Dress: Multiple meanings of religious clothing

    Tee and Sympathy: A new front in the pro-choice battle

    Maison d'Etre: Eight artists reimagine domesticity

    There's a regular column called On the Treadmill that looks amazing (housework as cardio); On the Menu: Steaks is High - Class and the low-carb craze (I thought of you when I saw this).

    Oh and the Books section has an article called "Sick Lit: Teen Trauma Fiction" -- I saw Lurlene McDaniels' name in the article while flipping and decided I had to get it. I used to marvel at the plethora of death/sick and near death books she's written. Creepy.


  11. Dena,
    Yeah, I had some chick lit and related ideas...and now that I've read The Beauty Myth chapter on sex I have lots of thoughts swirling...although I don't know that they'd be anything original or innovative enough to try to publish. I'll e-mail you details when I get my head together.

  12. All of the Bitch articles you mentioned sound fabulous! I was browsing the website tonight, reading through some archives, and I think I need to give it another try, definitely.

    The article "Maison d'Etre: Eight artists reimagine domesticity" sounds really interesting. Liza Lou comes to mind (the beads).

    Gonna try to hunt down an issue...along with the latest Bust. I'm two issues behind.


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