Monday, March 28, 2005

Randomness and a Dose of Jennifer Weiner

I finally got all of my grad school stuff sent off....including the application for a graduate assistanceship. Cross your fingers for me cuz I'm gonna need da money! I filled out my FAFSA yesterday, and based on last year's income (which was DRAMATICALLY more than this year's will be) they think I can contribute a lot more than I really can.

I'm finishing up Cold Mountain today. If I hear about one more gooey gunshot wound or oozing war injury I'm gonna throw up. I swear. Part of the appeal of this book, for me, is the talk of pickled beans, packets of lard that are good for traveling, house building, chicken houses, corn cribs, telling time by the position of the sun. It reminds me of an adult version of Litte House in the Big Woods. I just like hearing about the roughing it stuff. Also why I really enjoyed Pioneer House on PBS. Looking forward to the ending because I've heard so many people mention it. Surely there's a twist or an oddity coming.

Access Hollywood is on TV right now....I turned it on and left it on what it landed on (this show annoys me). They're interviewing The Backstreet Boys...who are now playing small clubs and visiting local radio stations and preparing to release their first album in 5 years. When Nick Carter was asked if they expected the success of previous albums and would they be happy with that result he answered, "Of course we would be happy with that, but the music has changed. Now we have to deal the cards we're dealt." Ahhh, signs of greatness to come, I'm sure. *gag*


The latest Jennifer Weiner snippet that I love:

"Lu, you have to sleep!"

She curled up on a pillow and stuck her butt in the air. But it was not to be. "WAKE UP MOMMY!" she said, springing straight into the air. And jumping on me again.

At two thirty I plunked her back in the crib. She screamed for a few minutes, then gave up and slept until seven thirty. Adam caught the early shift. At eight thirty he brought her into the bedroom.

"What can I do to help you?"

"Get her dressed," I moaned.


"Then put her in her stroller."

"Got it."

"Then tape a note to her jacket saying FREE TO A GOOD HOME, and wheel her onto the sidewalk. Someone'll want her."


  1. I completely agree about Cold Mountain. I really liked parts of it, but other parts just grossed me out! i never did get around to seeing the movie. Did you?

    And why am I on your page so much today? Don't I have a job or something???

  2. glad to see you are feeling bubbly today. it is like Seattle here today with all the rain. i taught kindergarten for about 3 years to answer your question, though I want to teach high school lit and writing when I finally get enough senority to choose , since I have enough credits now for an M. Ed and my M.A. in English (just need to write something) .

    if you liked Frontier House , you might want to check out Deadwood, vulgar as it may be at many points, it is a very interesting sociological look at what it might have really been for the pioneers and their need for vices.

    have a good day

  3. Clack,
    Eh, the job is secondary to reading my ramblings, right? If only it paid. :oD I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'll probably rent it this weekend....along with Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Can't wait!!

    I need to grade papers and lesson plan for tomorrow. Wheee!

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  5. ha! i like how you put "the edge of reason" instead of just saying "2" like most normal people would. i don't know why i'm so entertained by it, but I am.

    Here are a couple of biblical feminist facts for you, since i just don't feel motivated to go do anything that resembles real work:

    1) Many bible scholars now believe that when Paul does his rant about women not talking in church that he is being SARCASTIC. He says in that passage "weren't you the first ones to receive the gospel? didn't it come to you?" when in fact nearly EVERY new testament church was founded by women (think priscilla, lydia, etc, etc) and Paul not only taught them FIRST but supported their roles as leaders of their respective churches.
    2) Some people believe that the book of Hebrews was actually written by a woman- possibly Priscilla. It is considered one of the deepest, most theologically challenging books in the new testament and some believe that her identity wasn't shared either because she was a woman or because of the dangers involved with being a christian at the time.

    There. That's just a couple but that way I won't take up too much space on your page. Just something for you to grin about next time you run into one of those "women should wear skirts and not talk in church" folk. One of my good friends took "Feminist Theology" as her bible elective, and I'm sure you'd hav been right there signing up with her if you'd been here! I, not being the rabid and progressive feminist that you folks are, took a doctrine of the Holy Spirit class. Otherwise I'd probably have years of fun facts for you. :)

  6. You're a strong person to have taught Kindergarten, IMO. Although, most K teachers I know have told me I'm a strong woman for teachin' high school. I guess it just depends on your POV. :o)

    I had the best time teaching World Lit. to 10th graders. We read great stuff like The Inferno, Oedipus Rex, A Doll's House, and Night. They were so much fun, and I really enjoyed teaching some of the history of the time periods along with the lit itself. We had a ball with The Inferno. :o)

    Thanks for the tip about Deadwood, too. I've heard of it, but I've never watched it. I'll give it a look. :o)

  7. Well, come on, I read both the books and I'm a devoted Bridget fan, so I couldn't just sell her out with a "2."

    Thanks for the Bible wo-man facts. I learned the Priscilla/Hebrews thing at Baylor, but I'd forgotten, and I'm terribly glad that you reminded me. I think Sojourness would really enjoy the Paul snippet, so I hope she reads that comment.

    You rock, CJ! And you're right...I would've been near the front of the line for the Feminist Theology class. I wish I'd had an opportunity to take more religion classes. Just the one at BU. Maybe I'll be done with degrees someday and I can take some classes for fun. Who'd have thought!

  8. I read it, I read it! :) I wish I could take a feminist theology course.

    I had come by to see what you're up to and to thank you for giving me the Unkymood idea (I have it on my blog now too).

    When I was in elementary school, we used to play this computer game, I think it was called "Oregon Trail." You had to be pioneers going west, and every time you thought you were doing well, one of your kids would die of typhoid fever or something.

  9. Ooooh, I looooved Oregon Trail! As a matter of fact, Clack and I used to be Oregon Trail partners in elementary or middle school and we cackled wildly when we were trying to hunt food. We weren't very good at it. lol I need to look for that game again. I think they've done several newer versions.

    Enjoy the Unkymoods! I was Afrolicious last night. hehe

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  11. not to be a COMPLETE nerd, but i've actually PLAYED one of the newer color versions. Its a lot like the old game but now there are more animals to kill and your food can turn green....what a great game! People still die just when you think everything is going fine, though. :)
    i haven't played it in a year or two, but it still ranks up there as one of the classics...i loved shooting the squirrels!

  12. hey , you added Bust, I love that magazine, my absolute favorite interview ever is from there. They profiled Tina Fey (also from Philly, we are EVERYWHERE, myah hahah) . You rock kid!

  13. I must have a new version! That does it!

  14. Bust is my faaaavorite along with Utne. I remember the Tina Fey interview you mentioned! I loved that issue, and the Fey interview was fabulous. I would love to sit and talk with her. Pick her brain. She's a nut.


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