Friday, March 04, 2005

Regular everyday stuff....

I bumped my cardio up to 45 minutes today! Wheee! I can feel my ass shrinking and my calves expanding as we speak. Oh, and my ankles are screaming, but I try to ignore that part of it. My calves really are lookin' more defined. I measure successful weight loss more by appearance than pounds. I notice little things at my collar bones protruding more than they did before, my ring flopping around on my finger, or my wrist bones poking out like the hips on an undernourished heifer (where did that simile come from?).

I got home just in time to field a phone call from my friend Sherrie. She's a trip. She was working gate duty at a baseball game at the high school where I taught in NC. She was thrilled to be there, lemme tell ya. Also arrived home just in time to watch of the handful of shows I actually try to watch nowadays. What's more fun than watching her dance every day? Seriously! It just makes ya smile...even my pups wiggle a little extra when Ellen comes on.

Tonight: Hunan chicken at Yen Jing or something saucy at Applebee's. And I will find the biggest piece of cheesecake available in the Greenville, TX area. God bless "Carb Fridays" in this household.


  1. The protruding collarbone is definitely a barometer of impending thinness. I like scooping my shoulders to make them look all skeleton-like.


  2. Amen sister!! My collarbone will be taking over the world soon.

  3. Can I use it to cut my steak? hahaha!


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