Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sleepy time....

Just thought I'd pop in with random ramblings....

I finally put in the links over on the right side of hte page....Fellow Bloggers and The Literary Life. If I've forgotten anyone don't hold it against me yet....it was an off-the-cuff project, and I'm really sleepy at the moment. Work in progress.

I was supposed to have a Mary Kay follow-up appointment tomorrow at 11:00, but I called and cancelled. I don't feel like being duped into buying expensive makeup when I can go get my Mary Kate & Ashley cream shadow for 3 dollars at any given Wal-Mart. No one knows the difference, and it makes my eyes look like diamonds and sapphires. Not really, but it sounds delightful, doesn't it?

I made the best hamburgers for dinner. They weren't any different than any other hamburgers, but I was really craving them, so they were excellent. I ate two (small patties)...the second was only meat, cheese, and lettuce (low-carb ya know). After I finished I sat looking at my plate and said to Mom, "Wow, that was good. I wish I'd taken time to chew it."

The fitness/weight loss regime continues. Been working out more than I'd really care to and eating right most of the time (except my Carby Fridays). So far my jeans are looser, my clothes look better overall, my ring is floppy, and bones keep popping up all over. Today I was talkin' to my friend Jeff as he drove himself to a meeting, and he asked, out of the blue, "So, how's the collarbone doing?" Oh Lord, I've created a monster.

I've been having problems settling on a book to read. Of course this happens on SPRING BREAK!! When I have all the time to read and write I can neither read nor write. Today I read at least 6 months' worth of Jennifer Weiner's blog (all through her pregnancy), and that got me feeling writerly, but now it's late and I'm too sleepy. The great American novel will have to wait until tomorrow to be born. And, I think I've decided I'm reading In Her Shoes (the last of Weiner's offerings...what will I do when they're all read?), and I'm reading A History of the Wife, by Marilyn Yalom. Wives got the short end of the stick in Greek and Roman times (and others, but I'm not getting into it now).

Returning my new Nikes with which I've been unable to bond
Popping into the office to see Rachel and Debbie
Going to my book discussion group. They read West With the Night, but I skipped this one.

On TV: Will & Grace (not paying attention)
CD of choice: Kelly Clarkson....Breakaway


  1. Thanks for posting my blog! I need to post somemore stuff on my blog. :P

  2. wow. it takes a strong woman to admit she supports the olsen empire. i'm proud of you...

  3. You're welcome, Amanda! :o)

    It does take a strong woman. I've made my peace with the fact that I love their cream shadows.

  4. OMG, Andi -- what was your Nike issue? I had to return mine, too. They were Shox Turb Oz. I picked another pair to buy but am now not sure I want them.

  5. I don't remembr what "model" mine were, but they were just not comfortable enough for me. They were too roomy in the forward foot area and felt way stiff. I think I'm gonna try to hunt down some Adidas. They're always squishy and I have better luck with those it seems.

    What was wrong with your Shox?

  6. I don't know what was wrong with my Shox exactically -- but my foot would cramp so badly (the outer part) that I'd have to stop working out and sit down until my feet decramped. So painful. My Skechers are absolute shit, but even they don't cause such pain.

    I'm going to the mall again this weekend to try on some different kinds. I did pick out another pair of Shox which seemed comfy, but would like to know what else is out there before I fritter away 200 bucks.

  7. Ander, how did you get those cool links on the side of your blog? You and Heather and Fence with your fancy html'ing.

  8. Ahh, I've had plenty o'shoes that cramped my feet. The most comfortable workout shoes I've ever had were Adidas. So squishy and wondermous.

    Actually, I got the links by accident. I went and tried out a few new templates, and when I came back to this old standby it had a "fill in the blank" place for them. Try it! I'm sure it'll work on the black one, too.


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