Sunday, March 20, 2005

Spring Break winding down....

Spring Break is almost over and, while I haven't done anything particularly wild and exciting, it's been a good break. I didn't get to go to the beach like B, and I didn't even get so far as Dallas or Waco, but I was very productive. My Bust article is done; now I get to write the cover letter. I'm three chapters into my book, and it's going pretty well so far. I had planned on writing into the wee hours again tonight (was up til 2am last night/this morning), but I'm stuck, so I'll probably read and turn in early.

In addition to the mad writing, I've been working out a lot (although I did eat way too many carbs this week), visited with Rachel, talked to some friends that I needed to get in touch with, and I have tentative plans for Chinese with one of my good friends from high school this coming week (Lesa). I cleaned the house from top to bottom on Thursday, I grocery shopped with Mom last night, and today we went to see Hitch (review at Projectile Reviews). Mom and I kept turning to each other during the movie and saying, "There are no men like that." I think even the men in the audience would've agreed.

When were were shopping last night I saw one of the students from my night class. She asked me, almost exactly one week before our class meets, on Spring Break, mind you, "Hey, Miss Miller, what are we doing Thursday?"
My reply: "Rachel, darlin', I don't even know my own name right now, so you'll just have to be surprised on Thursday." She could relate.

On TV: Runaway Bride
CD: Rascal Flatts....the first one
Reading: In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner
In my head: It's under lock and key.


  1. Good job with the article. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Will do, Amanda! Keep your fingers and toes crossed!


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