Friday, March 25, 2005

Stupid News O'the Day

Note: The Britney Spears pic had to go. Anyone who knows me knows I don't like her. It was funny while it lasted!

Actually, the title is kind of a lie. This happened a week or two ago, and I've been forgetting to post about it.

A state representative from Texas wants to make a new TX law....*drum roll* fine school districts if their cheerleaders dance provocatively. YEP! You heard me....they actually want to make a law that can judge whether or not cheerleaders are dancin' too sexified and fine the school. How freakin' crrrrrazy is that?? Some people have wayyy too much time on their hands. As a former cheerleader/mascot (I did all the dances in a big furry suit) there is the occasional hip-thrust, but we got our butts raked over the coals by the sponsor and principal if we were too sexy. I don't know what cheerleaders this cat is watchin' that he thinks are toeing the line of obscene.

P.S. I'm getting an $1,100 tax return and I had a wicked workout this morning. WOOT!!


  1. that made the headlines here in Chattanooga too! I cracked up. "Cheerleading is not a sport. I think it should have been banned years ago...." What an idiot. That school must have some SERIOUS problems. you notice the cheerleading commission wasn't too upset about it. Hello...they already grade chldrs down for that kind of dancing anyway. I never thought I'd be defending cheerleading, but i guess miracles never cease!

  2. Oh I've gotten in the is it/isn't it a sport argument way too many times to count. The lady who took it over at the high school where I taught in NC thought it wasn't. If I had stayed I was going to sponsor, and it just killed me to let her have it. lol

    I can't believe it made national news. That's nutty in itself! Too funny.

  3. Goodness, are you serious?!? That's insane! I can't believe this guy seriously said this one in public...

  4. Yeahhhh, I'm pretty sure he's the laughing stock of...well...everything now. :o)


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