Thursday, March 31, 2005


No thoughtful and/or witty anecdotes tonight. I had a reasonably full day that went a lil somethin' like this:

1) 2-mile walk -- This particular route is mostly uphill, so my ass and thighs hurt right about now.

2) Wrangled hair, applied makeup (was successful with eyeliner), and dressed in my cutest casual.

3) Lunch with the girls. We had fun. Lesa brought Ben, and Kandice brought Joshua. We're supposed to go see Lesa's new'ish house next week.

4) Came home and right after I walked in, this lady who called yesterday about wanting to buy the desk we advertised in the paper called again. She said she had come earlier in the day and I wasn't home (as if I should've been). I distinctly told her yesterday that I would be out from around 12-2 and that she should definitely call first. She didn't.

5) Sat around.

6) Aforementioned lady and her husband showed up. She said I gave them the wrong address. I didn't. She wasn't wearing her glasses and read it wrong, so she'd been over at the neighbor's house lookin' for a desk for sale. She finally bought the damn thing and I got them back on their way. It wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't mildly rude about the whole thing.

7) Finished Andrea Dworkin's book: Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant. This chick could possibly be nutty with a capital NUT, but I'd still like to read Woman Hating and Pornography.

8) Shower. I always use all of the hot water.

9) of my killer turkey sandwiches.

10) American Idol...Jessica got the boot!! WTF???

11) Sat on the porch with mom. The weather is gorgeous, and it's so peaceful outside.

12) Here I am, trying to decide what book to read next. It's a toss-up between a re-read of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or The Second Sex. Similar, right?

On TV: National Lampoon's Vacation...classic
In the CD player that I fell asleep with last night: David Gray...White Ladder
In ma head: I'm one size away from my skinny jeans and my calves are killer. Rock on.


  1. Jeff here. Skinny jeans deserve an encore of Rock On!

  2. Why must people be rude when you're doing them a favor....?

    Read the Harry Potter book. Give your brain a rest!

    Okay OKAY I know i didn't post yesterday, but there was a scheduling screwup at the doc's office and i didn't make it back to work, so here it is......(drum roll please)......ITS A BOY!!!!!!!

    WOOHOO! Very exciting. Glad you had fun with Les and Kandice. hope you told them hi for me! and way to go on the skinny jeans thing...

  3. Awwww, Jeff's posting! You never post. Big hugs for you! Can you believe Anwar was in the bottom 3? Jeeeesh!

    YAY!!!! I've been holding my breath all this time. You were killin' me! I've been instructed to pass the info on to Kandice and Lesa as soon as I I'll be passing. YAYYYY!!!

  4. yeah...sorry about the breath holding thing. that couldn't have made the desk sale any easier... :)

  5. CJ- YEA for you!!! I knew it was going to be a boy!! I want a little boy soooo bad I can hardly stand it!! Everyone but me has boy's now. My friend out here thinks I'm wierd. Cause as a rule women want girls and men want boys. If Dave could have it his way (and soo far he does) there would only be girls in the fam. He says boys are trouble, he never had a sister, he doesn't know about us, hehe. My little boy is comming, I just know it!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! Loves

    PS when's the due date? ;)

  6. Jeff here, twice in one day...Anwar could potentially be my hetero-lifemate, the position has yet to be filled. He really needs to whip out some obligatory Stevie Wonder, but I'm thinking more Bill Withers. Thoughts?

  7. Anwar just needs to do something other than the did last time. His lower register is sewage. And I like Nadia...couldn't believe she was in the bottom 3. Bastids.

  8. Jeff:
    I think Constantine has a crush on you... he asked me for your number. What shall I do?

  9. (_!_)

    You know I hate him!! His mouth looks dirty. I don't know how to explain it, but that's the biggest problem.

  10. It looks like he eats banana pudding and carrot juice 24/ thats a 'no' on giving him your number..gotcha.

  11. you should visit AIM land someday soon. Lonely without you

  12. I looked for you the last several days!! Now I'm at work, no AIM, and no phone #. Darnit! Will look for you tomorrow.

  13. YAY, I love plans! I should be on for most of the day tomorrow. I'm out the door for now though, so be good, and keep those calves rockin


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