Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blogger can kiss my sphincter. They can lick the shoes of a pig-pen cleaner, diddle the niblets of a 100-year old hag with herpes, and I hope they get scabies.


I'll be back in the morning.


  1. Tell us how you really feel!!!

  2. amen sister.

    and yeah I have 3 or 4 strangers a month, on average, approach me to tell me that I look like old Henry. for a while I told them that they had to buy me a drink as a penalty for displaying their lack of originality.

    cheers to the library grunts.

  3. so blogger ate a good long post did it? i think you should also wish a kidney infection on them too! see you tomorrow!

  4. Hey all,
    It didn't exactly eat a long ate a couple of short posts which pissed me off just the same. And I'm wishing a kidney infection on them right now, ago. Maybe a yeast infection, too.

    Wow, that's a significant amount of people telling you you look like Henry. Impressive.

  5. At least it's not Xanga... I really don't like Xanga... Really really really don't like Xanga... But I love my blogger. =) I can make it look all perty just like I wants it to. =) Just as soon as I get around to it... Maybe after my tests... That I should be studying for... *sigh*

  6. Good luck on your tests!

    I like everything about Blogger except the fact that it's so often SCREWED UP! I'm all for makin' it pretty, but when the post won't post I fly into a rage.

  7. May the lice of a thousand camels forever inhabit the armpit hairs of those powers in charge of Blogspot.....

  8. LMAO, Amanda!!!! So twisted! I love it!


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