Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Book Group Blues

I'm already mourning the fact that once I start teaching summer classes and taking graduate courses I'll no longer be able to attend my monthly book club meeting. I've been going since October, and I've grown terribly fond of this outing.

As usual, I'm the youngest member of the group. Most of the others are in their 40's and up. We have a great time, though, as they're all pretty myself. Here's the rundown of a few of my favorite members:

R: A perky, upbeat woman who calls me "Babes" and greets me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek every month. She's my favorite, for sure. She's just such a hoot, and has ultra-strong opinions. We just happen to agree on most things. :oD

J: An older lady who comes with R. They go to the same church. J is older, grown children, and she's lived EVERYWHERE. Her husband was in the service and she often talks about her time in the Phillipines, Minnesota, and a dozen other places. She's full of great stories, and she's got the sweetest way about her...but she's still a total fireball. I bet she's got her husband whipped.

MA: Our valiant leader. She's retiring in November and moving to New Mexico. She was driving through and liked the town, and she decided to move there! It's a university town, and it's at the foot of a mountain. She's going back to college to study history and philosophy...a woman after my own heart. She's very dry and refined....but also crazy. It always helps to have a crazy leader...helps discussion along.

JO: A wicked-sassy Texas gal, originally from this area. She works for the city and is bitter about it...hates books that are too fluffy, but isn't about to read anything over 400 pages. Constant entertainment.

T: By far the quietest of the group. She's polite, soft-spoken, but quick to slip in a zinger every now and then.

L: I think she might be Andrea Dworkin's long-lost cousin. Large woman, short almost-buzz-cuz-hair, veryyyy outspoken, and she's always nominating women's studies titles. They never get picked as group reads, but at least someone else is interested in them besides me.

Then theres me: the baby. We have a blast, and it's a given that we run over our time and take up space in the conference room. Tonight we voted on our next six months' worth of reads:

Plainsong, by Kent Haruf
Nights of Rain and Stars, by Maeve Binchy
The Patron Saint of Liars, by Ann Patchett
The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini
The Same Sweet Girls, by Cassandra King
...and our classic: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

I'm excited about all but the Binchy and the King. I'm not opposed to either author, but they just don't sound like they're gonna float my boat. I've already read The Kite Runner and P&P, so those will be quick re-reads.

I'll stop bothering you with my bookishness now. Time to read a while and go to bed. It'll be a long day tomorrow.

On TV: ?
Music: Totally Adult Hits (various)...and NO, it's not porn music
Reading: the Tartt

P.S. I think my computer has a FUCKING VIRUS! I'll be deep scanning tomorrow after work. Ugg.


  1. This comment is being made on a virus-free Mac!

    Bummer about the book club . I guess the closest thing I do is play in a variety of small groups--the rock band, brass quartets, jazz things. Very diverse individuals in all cases, just like your group. Don't quite know what I'd do if I couldn't get together with these people. Hope you can find another outlet...

  2. My gender studies professor emailed me that CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS are trying to "reclaim" Dworkin's legacy. The whole anti-porn and sex is bad stuff. (shaking my head in disbelief).

    And Andi -- thanks for being pretty much the only person who leaves comments on my blog. I know others visit -- they're just too lazy to reply! :P

  3. LOL, rub it in, Os! I do love Macs for the fact that they're so much more stable than PC's, but I loooove the user-friendliness of PC's. I worked on Macs in college as a lab attendant that had to know both platforms, but I always fought for the PC at the workstation. hehe

    My online book groups are another outlet that compares to my face-to-face book group, so maybe I won't go into horrible withdrawals. :o)

  4. Amanda,
    Ugggg and a half @ those conservatives. I'm sure they never wanted anything to do with her when she was alive!!

    And you're welcome for the comments. I love reading your blog, and love commenting!

  5. Bless you for being able to use both types of computers without too much bias. you are a woman after my own mac-oriented heart. :)
    So sad about your book club!!! what on earth will motivate you to read?? i weep for you...
    side note: i'm wearing glasses today (something you haven't seen since roughly junior high) because i got a jalepeno seed in my eye last night. nearly killed me, but an entertaining story. ;)

  6. oh, and....what exactly does that type of virus cause your computer to do? i know the two of you (you and your computer) are close, but....

  7. Don't those Christians know she was a lesbo and therefore against God's plan?

  8. Sex isn't bad. Only homosexuals are bad.

  9. CJ- A jalepeno seed in your eye??? I'm cracking up right now! Sorry for the pain, but HOW do you manage to get that in your eye??!! Flashbacks from the days of the Table are comming back in full force right now!! Loves.

    Andi- Oh, you powerful woman for being able to use a mac. I don't think I'd even know where to start on one of them suckers. :-D

  10. hmmm. A booknerd you say? work in a library and teach you say? perhaps you are my long lost twin. do you look like Henry Rollins?

  11. Clack! How on earth did you get a jalapeno seed in your eye?? That's beyond amazing. Please say it got flicked in there and you didn't actually rub your eye while in the company of a jalapeno.

    And speaking of Macs, I still want that clock Robin had back in the day.

  12. LOL, Dena. I think I'm gonna interlibrary loan Pornography and Woman Hating...just can't hold out any longer.

  13. Val,
    They had to show me how to turn on a Mac when I worked at Baylor. Kid you not. lol

  14. Trick, maybe if Henry Rollins was short and blonde. Hmm. But if you look like Henry Rollins let me give you my number. :o)

    Booknerds unite!

  15. i was making a pizza, thank you very much, and it got in my eye. VERY less than pleasant. I promise i didn't just do it on purpose!

  16. LOL, didn't think you did it on purpose. And you eat jalapenos on your pizza?? I'm intrigued!


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