Monday, April 18, 2005

Coming Soon....

Posts you can expect to see in the next few days:

A report on my first day as a library peon.
Anger and how it affects creativity....inspired by a Carl Hiaasen interview.
Jennifer Weiner update...she's torturing me.
Further recaps of Charlie the Moron from The Bachelor.

I wish you all sweet sleep and sexy dreams!

On TV: The Wedding Planner
CD: Not tonight...too sleepy.
Reading: The Secret History...always and forever.
In my head: An abundance of nose spray residue.


  1. hero! bring it on.

    good luck on your first day at work, make sure to remember the hand lotion.

  2. Oh, and her hubby's name is Bonin. Weiner-Bonin. Don't even go for the joke...Leno already covered it. ;o)

  3. Thanks ago! Update on the way! My nails hurt from removing the little price-tag-like stickers that have the due dates on them! Ouch!

  4. Ok. I give up. I can't figure out why your blog will do what I want mine to do... That is, how'd you get your comments to open into this pg automatically. I've been staring at the source code for 30 mins now (maybe more like 15), and seeing as I barely know HTML, I don't know what I'm doing, so how'd you do it? (plz don't tell me it's just something blogger does automatically for you when you select a certain little option...)

  5. n/m I just convinced it to do exactly what I wanted it to do... By clicking that silly little republish button... Doh!

  6. lol No comment, Cherbear. Sounds like your day was much like mine. :o)

  7. So how did the new job go (other than the label peeling)?


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