Friday, April 01, 2005

Factoids and Opinionoids

Snippets...compliments of me....

The sexiest voice on radio right now: Gavin Degraw singing I Don't Wanna Be

Song I hate to like and that gets stuck in my head for no reason: Get Right....Jennifer Lopez. It's the sax bit.

I'm reading: The Bible. I've never read it all, and I wanted something with religious overtones. Well, I found it!

Worst book I've read this year: Angels & Demons, by Dan Brown. Although, it did get me interested in some workings of the Catholic Church. Like the papal conclave, etc.

Movie I'm craving: Stigmata

I'm seeing a pattern here.

Most interesting interview I've seen lately: Lisa Marie Presley on Oprah. She had some interesting things to say about former hubby, Michael Jackson.

Topics on my mind to post about:
The Good Body, by Eve Ensler
Book review review sites

Music of choice: Seether and Amy Lee....Broken
In my head: snot


  1. Where in the Bible are you reading? I read it through when I was in high school. *Whew* Tired just thinking about that :)

    You've read The Good Body? I've been wanting to for a while.

  2. Oh girl, I just started, I'm still in Genesis. Even though I've read Genesis countless times, I'm still starting from the beginning and going allll the way through.

    I don't have The Good Body in my hot little hands, but I started reading it at the bookstore, and I have big plans of finishing it in the bookstore. lol It's great so far (around page 30), but I can't see spending 20 bucks for it in hardcover when it's only like 100 pages long with big print.

  3. Ahh. Are you planning to read Genesis straight through or the whole Bible? If the whole thing, I'd recommend only skimming Leviticus and Numbers. Those were painful. Thumb through them and you'll see what I mean :) Psalms is nice if you like poetry.

  4. Straight through the whole Bible. I've read a good bit of Leviticus and Numbers in the past, and yes, it's verryyyy painful. Thanks for reminding me to skim!

  5. I highly recommend you heed the warning you've been given about Leviticus and Numbers. Eventually I went back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. Never did make it through the whole thing, although I've read at least half of the bible. Hell, I didn't even make it through The Stand or Anna Karenina.

  6. I spent some time reading in the feminist section of Barnes and Noble last week. I didn't see The Good Body, but there was lots of other good stuff. I read some of "Cunt" just because the title screamed at me.


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