Thursday, April 14, 2005

Frazzle Dazzle

Someone just shoot me....please?? Please, please??

a) I'm not feeling the work vibe today.

b) Edited for embarrassing content...and it's KICKING MY ASS RIGHT NOW!

c) I think I'm either developing carpal (carpel?) tunnel in my left wrist or I have an unborn twin nesting in there and he's restless.

d) Jonathan Safran Foer is reading at the Dallas Museum of Art tomorrow night. It's time to dust off my flamethrower.

e) Edited for embarrassing content....This is NOT attractive.

What I should be doing instead of blogging:

1) Making copies for my first lab (praying to God and all His friends that they just don't show up today)

2) Telling C-lo about my trip.

3) Going downtown to fill out library paperwork, but I forgot my deposit slips at no direct deposit form for me today!

TV: none
Music: none
Reading: nothing
In my head: Prayer...lots of it. It's pretty much just begging by now.


  1. oh hon, we will not shoot you. the paperwork can wait; just sit back and be a slack-ass as long as you need to.

    who is this Jonathan Safran Foer you hate so much? i know he's a writer but i am not familiar with him (and that sounds like a good thing!).

    and i'd really love to see the embarassing content, it can't be that bad...


  2. embarassing content. hmm. sounds intriguing. do hope you feel better, dear. i tossed up a prayer for you myself.

  3. Take deep breaths.
    Think about your "happy" place.
    Be sure you have fuel for the flamethrower.

  4. Thank you girls and boy. I appreciate it. I think the frazzledness has passed for now.

    To read more about why I hate Jonathan Safran Foer's writing check out the review of Everything Is Illuminated at

    He's a blowhole.

  5. yeast infection, Andish? I'm on anti-biotics and am worried my nether area will be a cottage cheese factory by the time the week ends.

  6. Cheer up -- think about how hard my life sucks and you'll feel better immediately. I should bottle my misery and sell it.

  7. yuck, yuck, ick, yuck, (urp), geez.....

  8. LOL! No yeast infection this time, dahlin'. More emotional embarrassment than physical. Start shoveling down yogurt and acidophilus...or however the hell you spell it.

    I'd buy your mistery any day.

  9. Wow... I'm not sure if you should hope for the unborn twin or the carpal tunnel...

    Though the first sounds like quite a story for one of those whatchacallums in grocery store checkout lanes... Bother. What do you call them? The little trashy "newspapers" (not to be confused w/the trashy magazines) that talk about alien babies and strange celeb stuff... Stupid brain won't work... And why the heck does Firefox keep opening the stupid search bar every time I type an apostrophe??? =( Oh well... I guess I can deal with that better than a twin growin' outta my wrist...

  10. LOL, Cherbear. Definitely good material for a trashy tabloid like The Star. I'd be right there next to the Wolfman's love child with Jerry Springer.

  11. Tabloid. Yes. That's the word I meant to say! =D


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