Monday, April 11, 2005


On TV: What Women Want
CD of choice: Dashboard Confessional Unplugged
In my head: Sunshine and daisies and cuddly puppies.


  1. Hey, I'm watching that too! But I'm not giggling. Guys don't giggle (or admit it if they do).

  2. Love this movie! Love it, love it, love it. I've seen it 3 dozen times or more, but I never seem to get sick of it.

  3. wow! please spread the good thoughts of sunshine and puppies over this way!

    i'd also like to request some happy children of all ethnic backgrounds running hand in hand through a field...oh right, that's tomorrow at school, except there they'll be chicken fighting, pants-ing each other, and rolling around in the dirt. :o)

  4. Ahh yes! The good old days of frolicking with the ankle-biters. I can't believe I forgot the happy children of all ethnic backgrounds. I'm such a bad girly giggler.

  5. yeah, that kind of throws me when you do stuff like that. i am trying to picture it and it just isn't happening...
    mom said she saw you this weekend. fun times for all! my kid has finally started kicking for real. :) woohoo! i even went and registered this weekend! what a horrible experience THAT was. no one told me that registering for your first child is like choosing which grain of sand in the desert is the best one...

  6. Woooo for the kicking! OH, and Kandice told me to tell you that she's pregnant again! She called yesterday and told me. She's about a month along.

    Your mom is adorable. Good times.

  7. oh my word! how exciting!! i guess that means things are going well for her! :) How old is her last one? I guess he's a couple years by now, right?

  8. Joshua is 17 months old and adorable!!! :o)


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