Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Helloooo Jesus, Mary, and Moses!

There are dolls. Talking, Bible verse reciting Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Moses dolls. Jesus and Moses's legs look a little stubby, but their upper bodies are fantastic. What say you?

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  1. disturbing to say the least...

  2. you saw them! those things CRACK ME UP. they are absolutely hilarious. there's apparently a possibility that they're going to do them for each of the apostles (the article may've said that. i didn't go look at it). Hilarious!
    My husband's buddy has this idea (he gets so disgusted by all these gimmicky things) that he's going to carve a block of cheese to look like him and sell it as "Cheese-us". They've come up with a whole line of cheese products resembling biblical characters or major leaders of other religious sects (Bhouda instead of Ghouda, etc).

  3. i guess my idea for a pope night-light isn't so blasphemous after all.

  4. LMAO at all of you!

    CJ, I will buy stock in Cheese-us! Where do I sign???

    Ago, the Pope night light is a stroke of brilliance. Even better than the Mary ones I've seen. :oD

  5. Actually, there are stuffed St. dolls (not plastic). If they looked more realistic, I would totally have a Mary one. 0=) Sleeping w/a statue is just too dangerous... I guess I'll stick w/my Rosary... Fortunately they don't talk... I do hafta wonder why anybody would wanna plastic doll though... The stuffed thing I get, 'cuz you can sleep w/your fav St. (which is way cool, especially for little kids), but it seems a little sacriligious to be "playing with" Jesus. I mean, that just leads to all kindsa unimaginably irreverent things... Though I suppose technically you could do the same w/a stuffed Jesus (I haven't seen one though), but it seems less likely... Anyways. Now that I've revealed the extent of my strangeness... A

    nd, btw, I happen to think the Mary night lights are TOTALLY cool (I have a glow in the dark statue of the Sacred Heart Jesus next to my bed).

  6. Andi-

    I wish they were Jesus, Mary, and Moses Action figures. Jesus just needs sweet miracle action and kung-fu grip.


    P.S. They actually have those with "gliding" power Jesus.

    P.P.S. No, actually I'm bitter at people for making a dime on this.

    P.P.P.S. Anyone want to buy some Pope-Soap-on-a-Rope?

  7. I think it's kinda cool. When I was a kid, my sister and I had Bible dolls. I had Deborah and she had Ruth. They didn't talk, though :P

    ...Maybe that's why I'm so screwed up.

  8. they totally have a bunch of jesus action figures. they're posable and everything. some of them are "sports" Jesus. Him playing basketball, etc...hilarious!
    the cheeseus thing was prompted by those stupid testamints. anyone? breath mints with verses or crosses on them? and the verse that goes with them is HILARIOUS. something about "the breath of God". I can't remember it right off.

  9. Cherbear....you crack me up. It's like being inside your head.

    The stuffed ones sound not quite so weird...in fact I think I've seen a few in biggg Christian bookstores. The nightlight sounds fab! Too bad I hate light at night.

  10. Tim,
    The Jesus action figures with "gliding action" are my favorites....right after the Nancy Pearl librarian action figure. I will have one if it's the last thing I do!

  11. Soj,
    I don't think it's absolutely warping, I just got tickled because it reminded me of those "Jesus-plays-basketball" action figures. Those things are a hooot!

    I've seen testamints, but I've never actually had one or had access to the inside of a package. Too funny about the verse.

  12. This is how sad my life has become--I went googling and found these for you:




  13. You and Nancy Pearl rock my socks, Os!! Thanks for the article, and I'm ordering the action figure when I get paid next. They always had them at this weird/wonderful store in Wilmington, NC, and I never bought one!


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