Monday, April 04, 2005

John Steinbeck twirls in grave...attempt #2...

Apparently the three libraries in Salinas, CA, John Steinbeck's hometown, are scheduled to be closed. I'm exhausted, but I had to post about this before I sleep. Given my love of all things books it is annoying enough when ONE library closes, but THREE? I'd rather have my nipples bitten off by a rabid Mary Kay consultant.

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  1. Holy moly if that Mary Kay lady takes one more step towards you I swear I'll.... ;)

    Can you imagine life without nipples - the horror.

    Garsh-darn library closer-downers, they must be punished.

    Do you feel sad when you loan out your books? I have been known to call and check on them to see how they are acclimating to their new environment.

  2. LOL, Steph! I can't imagine a life without nipples. How would I know when I'm cold?

    I don't loan out books very often...mainly because most of my friends and family don't read much. My cousin has started reading everything he can get his hands on, and he's got my copy of Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers right now. I am slightly tempted to call and check on it, but I know he'll be kind.

  3. There's so many nipple comments I'd like to make, but I don't know you guys well enough yet to make them. Sorry! But assume that they would be incredibly humorous!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Osbasso...LOL! I'll leave it at that.

    And I didn't remove that last post, so it was either a blogger screwup or a phantom stalker is deleting comments.

  6. I am currently obsessed with reading crap- anything that I can get my hands on from the sale table at 1/2 price books.

    I gave my admin a book that I loved (also mindless crap) on Thursday and I have asked her if she is finished with it yet like 5 times (not that I am encouraging her to read at work!)

    Phantom stalkers rule (except for when they try remove my posts!)

  7. Hate to ruin the mystery of the phantom stalker, but I deleted my own comments. Only because of the suspected blogger screw-up. It was the 4th attempt to post the same comments!

  8. Steph,
    Do share what crap you're reading! I like crap, too. :o)

    Darn you, ruining the mystery!!! I didn't even know you could delete your own comments. Hmm, learn something new every day.

  9. The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve - it is actually not bad for modern fiction. What disturbs me most is that it has that stupid Oprah's Book Club symbol on the front - almost enough to make a girl not pull it off of the sale rack (but not quite.)

  10. Oooh, I loved The Pilot's Wife, Steph. I cried through the whole flippin' thing.

  11. Oh, and about the Oprah emblem...ugg! I'm glad with the classics they've started making the removeable sleeve things. I'm all about Oprah's book club...think she's done a lot of good to get people reading, but I don't want her name all over my crap!

  12. Yeah - I can't put it down - talk about bated breath...


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