Thursday, April 07, 2005


Thanks for all the nice congrats messages! Here's a little bit about the job:

I'll be starting out in circulation until summer officially starts (until kids are out of school, in other words). Probably start next week sometime. When summer kicks in I'll be doing community stuff...card drives, story times, etc. And they may use me at one of the local elementary school running one of the summer reading programs. I'm tickled! they said it might turn permanent in the Fall, and if my grad assistanceship doesn't come through it'd be a sweet deal. We'll see. I'm so excited. I can't wait to fondle the I don't do that already.

In other news, I cannot, for the life of me, settle on a book to read. Right now I'm bouncing back and forth and back between Vanity Fair, I Capture the Castle, and the Bible. I've not been readin' much Bible...I'm on Genesis 20. Ha!! I may ditch everything else and just focus on it. It's gonna take me long enough as it is!

Fitness update: 3 more pounds and I could crack walnuts with my calves.

I have another question for the Catholics in the rafters. I read on yesterday, when I was skimming through the burial arrangements, that the Pope had been "prepared for burial but not embalmed." Not to be morbid, but as a forensics nut how the crap is that gonna work? Was there herb rubbing that I'm not aware of to keep him fresh?? The whole situation seems a little scary. Mold me, shape me, inform me.

Jonathan Safran Foer (insert stabbing sounds here) is in the New York Times for the third week in a row now *eyes roll back in head*. More on that later. Who is he screwin'???

The BAYLOR UNIVERSITY women's basketball team beat Michigan State for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! A big hoot for my Bears. Victory is sweet...especially when it's the first national title EVER! Sic 'em bears!

Avril Lavigne, the "punk" pop princess who always raved against those blonde Britney knockoffs is now gracing the cover of this month's Cosmo guessed it...blonde hair and her stomach hanging out of a black corset. Oh've sold your soul to the Clairol execs haven't you?? *sniff*

I found a new book (the one good thing to come out of my NY Times reading today) called The Men Who Stare at Goats, by Jon Ronson. Here's a blurb...sounds too good to be true:

This exploration of the U.S. military's flirtation with the supernatural is at once funny and tragic. It reads like fiction, with plenty of dialogue and descriptive detail, but as Ronson's investigation into the government's peculiar past doings creeps into the present-and into Iraq-it will raise goose bumps. As Ronson reveals, a secret wing of the U.S. military called First Earth Battalion was created in 1979 with the purpose of creating "Warrior Monks," soldiers capable of walking through walls, becoming invisible, reading minds and even killing a goat simply by staring at it.

And, last, fate has kept me from watching my favorite shows for the last two days. Last night, right after the first American Idol performance, a big storm came up and knocked out the cable. I had a rage-induced seizure. But my cousin brought cookie dough, so it turned out OK. Today Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex & the City) was supposed to be on Ellen, but what happened???? Our power went out for an hour and a half. It's a conspiracy I tell you. The American Idol incident last night did prompt me to visit Television Without Pity today, though. It was my first time, and I'm completely captivated. Here's the last bit from the Idol recaplet:

Altogether: the Carrie song threw off my circadian rhythms for good so now I'll be sleeping every third hour for seventeen minutes at a time, Bo Bice is unmistakably Bo, Simon thinks calling somebody queer is a put-down instead of a total compliment, and I will one day wed Nadia Turner and we will live in a huge house and Constantine will clean our pool and I will train our children to wait until he's balanced at the edge of the pool and then hurl insults and tuna salad at him from the second story. And when he cries, we will point and laugh, because pouting is for suckers.

On TV: no TV
MP3 of choice: John Prine and Nancy Griffith....The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Book: We already discussed this
In my head: Strawberry plants

P.S. I was shooting for the ugliest color combos possibly imaginable. How'd I do?


  1. i love television without pity! i read it all the time for the "America's Next Top Model" recaps even if i've seen the show.

  2. "Fitness update: 3 more pounds and I could crack walnuts with my calves." I'd probably pay big bucks to see that!

    Nice job with the colors! And one more big honkin' congrats! Hope you really enjoy it!

  3. Hi. I'm delayed on the information about getting a job, so...


    There. I said it. Please continue blogging.


    P.S. Four grown men in my car just sang their lungs out to "Sk8r Boi". I would actually feel better if Avril sold out more at this point.

  4. Like Tim I'm using this post to add my congrats. So Congrats.

    I'm a Catholic, but know nothing about the burial procedure for the pope. I do know that he requested he actually be buried, sometimes they half-mummify(sp?) them and stick em in the basilica somewhere... or so I've heard. Possibly not true.

  5. Ago, I read the America's Next Top Model recap from last week. Hilarious! That show crackes me up. I think I'll go see what they had to say about last night's episode. I didn't catch all of it.

    And thank you, Os! I may set up a web came just for my calf walnut cracking. I could make a fortune!

  6. you have strawberry plants in your head? wow. how do you have room for that?
    Congrats on the job, by the way. I too was a little late getting the news.
    i've heard that the military as always tried the paranormal. isn't that bizarre? do let me know how that goes.
    let me recommend that you NOT try to read the bible straight through without stopping or shifting the order around a bit. you'll never make it past the books of the law (gen-deut). Leviticus and numbers could conceivably kill break it up a little. You know I know what I'm talking about!!! :)

  7. Tim, thanks! I'm gonna keep blogging, no worries. I'm sure I'll half more crazy stories of mental library patrons. Yay!

    Frightening about the car full of guys singing Sk8r Boi...but strangely admirable!

    Yeah, I knew they put 'em in the basilica sometimes...they moved John XXIII up there and they're burying Joh Paul II in his spot underground. Hmm. Still weirded about the lack of embalming, but I'm sure there's some fix that I'm unfamiliar with. I'm trying not to picture a mummification thing...I've read too many books/been to too many exhibits about traditional mummies. lol

  8. LOL, Clack! I think my strawberry basket has leaf-rot and I don't know what to do about it! It's driving me nuts, so I'm going on a pilgrimage for something to fix it this weekend.

    Will remember your Bible advice. I just can't get stuck on anything else!! I'm taking I Capture the Castle with me to work today, so maybe I'll get sucked in then.

  9. Andi, that's absolutely fantastic about the job! I would love to do that, anything where I could be surrounded by book smell all day long would work so well for me. :)
    Yeah the burial thing, I think I saw something this morning in the paper about him being buried in 3 layers of coffins and this will slow decomp? Try
    -Amy :)

  10. Ok. So, I don't really know anything about preparing the pope for burial. I'm sure it's something that's changed throughout the ages. There are ritual prayers and such that will be done as they have been done for two thousand years (they've evolved, but many of them will still be the same), but those seem to come into play after the preparation.

    I don't think there are any prescriptions for the preparation of the body. I've looked at all the websites I can think of that would have good info and it's basically, after the body is prepared, blah blah blah. So it seems there's nothing exciting until after the preparation of the body.

    As far as CNN's "prepared" vs "embalmed" goes, one embalmer just SAID that it LOOKED like he hadn't been embalmed. I'm guessing that there was either another embalmer used or there was a diff technique. Something had to have been done for him to look/smell good enough for so many days.

    If you want the bare minimum of info on what'll be happening afterwards, you can check this out:

  11. Cheryl- what do you DO besides looking at catholic websites? :)
    oh wait- you're going to school for that, arent you? never mind. makes SO much more sense when i think about it in that context. you know, Jesus is my primary preoccupation, but I know of relatively few websites about him!! :D
    Sorry about your plants, Del. I have a black thumb, myself, so I can't be of any use in such a tragic situation.

  12. Oh. I was also gonna say that you might do what I did which is several chapters a day (I think I was doing 2 or 3 in the old and one or 2 in the new). It took me a really long time (like a year at least), but I got through it. Twice actually. And it's always good to know what's in there. =P

    But then, there's also a lot to be said for a prayerful reading of the Scriptures - lectio divina is a wonderful thing. I haven't read this, but maybe it's good (I hafta start doing important things soon, and I'm trying to listen to a thing on excommunicating pro-abortion politicians).

  13. Clack - I don't do much besides Church stuff. Which means there's not much I read besides that: I think the last "secular" bks I read were the LotR. Tolkien was so Catholic, and if you know the Church, his symbolism was also very Catholic. *le sigh* I love LotR...

    I'm not very interested in this recording... This lady is just presenting all the arguments for why good Catholics could've voted for psycho John Kerry. Oh my word. She's comparing alcohol prohibition to abortion prohibition. Nut-nut from Chicago. I hate this town...

    Anyways... There's lots of Christian websites. Some of them are serious Catholic haters, some of them are Protestant haters, some of them are JPII haters, and some of them just wanna express the truth - those're the ones I go to. =) If you ever look for Catholic stuff, avoid anything that talks about Vatican II being a bad thing or about JPII not really being the pope. Those're nun nuts too.

    Anyways. I'm posting to this blog more often than I post to my own blog and I have work to do learning about the Christian Moral Principles I alread know about (silly freshman level class)...

  14. no, see, I don't WANT to read websites about Jesus... :) I'm just messing with you anyway. I know all about Mr. Tolkien and his symbolism. I agree, he was a lovely man. My favorite part of his story was that he led c.s. lewis to the Lord. Anyway, all beside the point, right Andi? We're taking up your whole page!!

  15. Thank you, Amy! I read that about the coffings, too.

    Cherbear, thanks for the info!

  16. I read I Capture the Castle this year and it is wonderful! The BBC movie is quite good as well.

  17. Been reading your blog from time to time and just wanted to say congrats on the job! And I often have the same dilemma with reading books. I'm floating between 4 right now.

  18. Thanks, Cherlyn!!! I hope you're enjoying the blog. :o)

    What books are you floating between...just out of curiosity? Maybe it'll give me more titles to add to my I need more! lol

  19. Why're you reading the Bible, Dandi? As a religious artifact or as a literary artifact?

  20. Eh, both. I've never read the whole thing, and I've been wrestling with my spirituality lately. I'm not very far in. I dunno if I'll make it!

  21. Andi, have you ever read "The Red Tent"?

  22. Yep! Sure have, April, and it was amazing! One of my all-time faves.

  23. Hehe okay, just making sure since you're reading Genesis. I love that book to death.


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