Friday, April 22, 2005

Opportunity knockers.....

I'm still sick, but I'm slightly more pleasant than I was this morning. I took a wicked 3-hour nap today, and I was afraid I wouldn't sleep tonight, but thanks to Tylenol Allergy Sinus I'll be off to sleepy-land sooner than expected.

After I surfaced from my blissful unconsciousness today I checked my e-mail, and I've officially been offered a graduate assistantship. Woot! I'll start off tutoring 20 hours a week in the writing center (worked there as an undergraduate), and after I get 18 hours of Masters credit I'll be in the classroom. Although it's frowned upon, I'm planning to keep my job at the junior college as well. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. Do you know what else this assistantship means??? INSURANCE!!!! Triple woot!

On TV: The Meaning of Food, on PBS
Music: Nada
Reading: Halfway through The Secret History
In my head: The dizzies


  1. Andi-

    Damn, it seems like you got the world on a string. And do you know what that string is made of? Solid gold. Solid freaking gold.


    P.S. Congrats by the way.

  2. Speaking of knockers....YAY!!!

  3. congrats! you know you're becoming a grown up when things like insurance begin to excite you...

  4. Tim, There will be fallout, I'm sure. lol

    Os, LOL@you

    Ago, I know that's right. I have some sprouting gray hair, too. Eeek!

    Thanks all!

  5. Congratulations in your general direction! How exciting for you!

  6. I was out yesterday from work with a wicked sinus infection.

    Congrats on your assistanceship. Are you getting a Masters in English? Library Science? I enjoyed working in the writing center during my undergrad. In fact, I have some students that look me up in the library to help them with there papers....

  7. Congratulations and Salutations.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, even if it is only slightly.

  8. I'm sorry you're feeling broken but yay for the assistantship!! My, my, my, everything is really coming together for you! Couldn't've happened to a better girl!!

  9. Congrats yo!

    Wanna hear something weird? Every time I try to go to your blogger homepg (, it takes me to so I just go into my dashboard thing. And since yesterday morning, I haven't been able to pull up the I Hate Everything Because I Can post...

    Anybody else having probs?

  10. Nope. But I'm using a Mac, so I wouldn't expect any problems. :)

  11. Hah! I'll show you problems!
    *kicks the Mac*
    Any problems now? =P


    *sits a vicious, but obedient doggie next to her PC to protect it*


    *builds a bomb shelter for the doggie and the PC*

    Hah! Get through that!

    *confidently eats her lunch*

  12. Cherbear LOL!!! I needed a laugh.

    Andi- Congratulations on your head!!! You are such a grown up now, geez what happen to everyone. I was trying to keep my youth in you, but now I'm going to have to find an unsuspecting stranger to live through!

    CJ- WOW about Robin that is sooo awsome. Congrats to Lance, how old is he these days??

  13. he's 26 (27? sometimes i forget). :) old enough anyway!!

  14. Wanna see somethin' scary? >=D

  15. Clack - Whoa! Married! I'm gonna hafta break down and email!
    And why is calling me Cher uncomfortable? Just about everybody but Andy does that. Either that or CherBear... Ok. Everyone back home in Lubbock... Well. Fine. A lot of people did...

    Oh. And I can now link back to your blog just like it's supposed to... Which is how I figured out what Val was saying to Clack...

  16. Here's a general blank THANK YOU to everyone!!! I'm excited! I think!

  17. Amanda,
    I'm doing an MA in English now, and I plan to do my MLIS later. A couple of uni's have it online, so if I get a full-time teaching position I'll have time to work on the MLIS in my spare time. I'll have spare time!! :oD

  18. Oh, and Amanda, I hope your sinuses are much better!

  19. Aww, Heather, you're too kind! ;o)

  20. Cher,
    I was having that problem with your blog and a couple of others yesterday. I think the problem is solved now. Thank you Blogger gods! And LOL@your bomb shelter.

    Val, It's so sad...I AM growing up. So far I haven't noticed any real advantages, either. lol

  21. Happy happy, Andish!!!! This is a cake walk for you. There wasn't a spermy drop of doubt on my chin. I knew you'd get what you wanted.

    love you long time!

  22. LOL! Thanks cutie-tooter! I 'preciate it!


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