Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Secret History

After 14 days of reading snatches here and there, I've finally finished The Secret History, by Donna Tartt. I think I love it, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to make my final decision on that. It's one of those books that takes you on a rollercoaster ride, and you need some time to come down from it.

Some snippets from my day:

Two of my classes are done for the semester, with the exception of their final exams next week. I'm pretty flippin' thrilled to see this hellish semester end. Unfortunately one student still can't make a complete sentence and doesn't know the difference between a paragraph and an essay. *throwing hands in air*

I got the contract for the grad assistantship today. It specifies that if one works an outside job it should be kept to 8 hours a week (who works 8 hours a week?) or the teaching of one course at another institution. My question is, what brainless work-Nazi decided these policies? What fucking business is if of theirs if I teach one course or three at another instituion? They're obviously not paying any bills or investing any money!

I came home around 1:00, and I've done nothing but clean up a little around here, shower, and read. Oh, and I took a break to watch American Idol and Sex & the City. Bo sang "I Don't Wanna Be" by the ever-sexilicous Gavin Degraw. I almost creamed myself. If I could have a threesome with anyone, it would have to be Amy Lee and Gavin Degraw. Now, if only I could talk him into doing something with that nasty hair.

On TV: Dolly Parton at the Grand Ole Opry
Song of Choice: Kill the Messenger, by Shawn Colvin
Reading: Bachelor Girl: A Social History of Living Single
In my head: Thunderbolts and lightning rods.


  1. I've been reading snatches for most of my life....

    (Sorry about that--it's been a loooonnngggg day and it just came out)

    I think I'm the only person in America who hasn't seen either American Idol or Sex & the City. But I DO know who Amy Lee is, and there's two big thumbs up on that!

    Hope your week is going well~~

  2. I don't even know who those people are but booknerd library gal in a...oy vey.
    Um, the work restriction in my experience is par for the course. I was not supposed to work at all without permission. Gratitude for the stipend that kept me just barely out of poverty (literally) was the only acceptable response. Just be sure that the daily grind, the process, makes you happy.

  3. I'm in love with Bo. He has that sensitive felon look I seem to fall for.

  4. I knew you'd say it, Os. I would know there was snow on the hills of hell if you didn't. :oD Hope your crazy week is going well, too. Hey, I thought you weren't gonna blog this week! hehe

  5. I hope the daily grind makes me happy, but I guess I won't know until I get there. Keep your fingers crossed. :o)

  6. LMAO, Amanda!! Sensitive felon with fantastic teeth. I was diggin' his face fuzz last night, too. I haven't seen it in a few weeks, so I'd begun to have withdrawals.

  7. Nothing to do with your post, just wondering if I'm the only one having trouble getting to your site. Sometimes I have to stick in the www other times I have to take it out.

    Bloddy blogger ;)
    And it isn't just this site either it is happening on

  8. baby girl - if you hook up that 3some I am going to need to see the video....

    I also have trouble with your site more than others.. whats up with that?

  9. I'm not blogging--just checking in. I don't seem to have any problems getting to your site, though a day or two ago it came up totally blank.

    If Steph gets a video, then I want one too! Then I'd want the hot lesbian Ago/Steph video too!

    Last--I'm confused by another comment on here....

  10. Bo is my AI boyfriend, Anwar was my mom's. now that Anwar's gone we have to share, boo! and i really didn't need to see Bo's lovely gf back in alabama...who cares if your life is wonderful and your gf is nice and your mom has perfect skin! you're ruining the illusion!

    and is it just me or is Constantine looking more rat-brother like every week?

  11. I just keep wondering why Constantine keeps putting on the Zoolander "Blue Steel" look. His lip pouts are obnoxious.

  12. we must stop the evil that is "American Idol"

    Seriously - it must be stopped.

  13. Fence,
    I've been having trouble with other sites. I'm guessing it's just a Blogger screwup.

  14. Steph,
    You're the first one on the waiting list. Os, you're second.

  15. Ago and Amanda,

    I LOATHE CONSTANTINE!! He's such a cheeseball. A moldy, stinky cheeseball. His mouth looks dirty, and if he makes that Zoolander face one more time I'm gonna hurl.

    Bo's gf looks a lot like him. I might get them confused in a crowd or a drunken stupor. Hmmphf.


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