Thursday, April 28, 2005

Snark Inducers...

A few things almost 100% guaranteed to produce mad snark in the next 12-24 hours:

I'm reading Bachelor Girl: A Social History of Living Single, and by page 29 it's already got this feminist in convulsions. Singleness has been given a bad bad case of the stigma-warts.

I bought the new issue of Utne....lights and sounds from heaven shine down on my copy, twinkling and pulsating appropriately.

We're going to Memphis on vacation!!!! So, yeah, that doesn't make me snarky, but it does get me very excited!


  1. Memphis?? so close...yet so veeeery far away....too bad you didn't pick nashville or atlanta. we could've run into each other then! okay, it wouldn't have been "running into" exactly- probably a little more contrived than that, but still! :)
    sounds like fun either way.

  2. We thought about Nashville, but Memphis is still somewhat closeish, not more than a half day's drive, so that gives us more time to play around actually in Memphis. We shall run into each other sometime dangit!

    How's the bun?

  3. dude- u should go to nashville and try to become a country music star and then you could write sad songs and play the guitar and be even cooler (is that possible?).


    It's a lovely drive from here. When are you going and can I come?

  4. Don't tempt me! Leann Rimes was my choir nickname in high school!!! Although I loathe her now, it was quite flattering at the time.

    Going around July 4th when I have a week off from teaching. Come on! We'll strap ya to the roof and I'll feed you bon-bons through the sunroof.

  5. Saw a few ads on the tv last night and was thinking how you shold watch C4, only it is a british station :)

    they are having a "dark side of porn" week, with doc.s on every night about things that've gone wrong in the porn industry. I'm not watching though, looks far too depressing.

  6. Crap, Fence!! That sounds great!!! lol Maybe someday Discovery Health or one of those other stations will run it.

  7. Hello... revenge is bad... so are nazi's

  8. woohoo! Im the person first in 3 years to commit


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