Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Weekend Update

Hey all!

Not much to report the last few days that would be interesting to anyone but me. I've been pretty busy....a fundraiser last night for a local charter school's photography department (heard some fantastic local bands from here and Dallas including Dimmed, that I didn't get to see in Dallas last weekend), then Rachel's hubby's baseball game (got plenty of quality time chasing Aaron around. He's adorable!).

Today I woke up early, Mom and I kicked it for about an hour of cardio, went shopping for yard flowers, groceries, and we ate at Schlotsky's. Came home and planted flowers around the magnolia tree in the front yard, hung some baskets on the front porch, de-fungussed the strawberries, cleaned up the house, and tonight I'm volunteering at the hometown opry (gospel and country music...raising money for the historical society).

Thursday I got my "official" acceptance letter to graduate school, and today I got a $2,000 scholarship...catch is, it's a housing scholarship, and I don't intend to live on campus. Although, living on campus might not be so new peeps, be close to the library, closer to Amanda, and next door to the fitness center. Still thinking about it.

Finally started and stuck to a book: My Dream of You, by Nuala O'Faolain...the best name in the world.

Will be back tonight or tomorrow with some snark. It's been building.

On TV: Ghostbusters
CD of choice: Josh Groban's first one...just forgot the name


  1. congrats on the official grad school acceptance!

  2. Thank youuuu! I'm dying to get back into classes!

  3. Congrats on more school! Or at least on more education... The testing for school sucks... But writing the papers (if they're fun and exciting like my dialogue and my essay on women's movements, etc. etc.) is a good thing. =)

  4. btw, I have a pic now. *beams proudly* Now if only I had the time to actually make it show up on the blog pg... Someday... For now, the bread and the dishes call my name... I also posted a new thing about my conversion...

  5. I really should stop doing multiple comments in a row...

  6. It's prob'ly very annoying and will eventually make you start deleting all my comments. But it entertains me... 0=) Mostly 'cuz I'm a dork. =)

  7. LOL, Cherbear! I'm looking forward to the additional education. As of now it looks like my first courses will be:

    Research Methods
    Contemporary Lit.
    Federalist Lit. (GAG!)

    There's a Narrative Theory class I wanna take during 2nd summer, but it's not looking good with the multiple jobs.

  8. I always love checking out the course names for grad school. Graduate music course names are so generic--

    Play Your Horn
    Play Your Horn Some More
    Write A Symphony
    Play A Second Horn

    I have no idea what your courses involve!

  9. LMAO, Os!!!

    Here's the rundown:

    Research Methods...loearn how to find info and document it.

    Contemporary Lit....stuff from the last 30 years or so...poetry, books, stories, etc.

    Federalis Lit....old crap like propaganda and informational pamplets from early American days. Yuuuuuck!

  10. Glad I went the music route!

  11. Gee. I thought Federalist lit might be more interesting - like an opportunity to check out the philosophical and religious aspects of their views. But who cares about propaganda unless you're either trying to avoid being propagandized (if that's a word) or trying to propagandize others? *sigh* Actually, I don't think I'd wanna take any of your classes... Unless I got to pick the reading material myself... *shudders to think what might fall into her hands at the whim of a college professor interested in contemp lit* Prob'ly right up your alley! ;)

  12. Hey CheryBearyBoo! The Federalist class is actually Colonial and lots of religious views by way of Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards...among others. It was interesting the first two or three times I took classes on it's just getting redundant.


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