Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What is sexy?

If you ask anyone what they find sexy you'll get every answer from BIG BOOBS!!! to MONEY!!! Here's a list of what I find sexy about a man....and this one is for you, ladies...what do you consider sexy?

In no particular order (except the first one):

Intelligence....whether it's practical life experience or wicked book-smarts.
Confidence, but not an overblown ego
A love of laughter and silliness
The ability to put the silly aside and get serious
Eye contact
Respect for women
Loves and cherishes family
A strong work ethic

....and I'll leave all the sex stuff to your imagination.

On TV: Evanescence Live DVD
In my head: I don't even know anymore.


  1. It's all about character (unless the fella is Vin Diesel)

  2. Andi-

    I really wanted to quote "Groundhog Day". I was going to put "Me. Me. Me. Me...Me." Damn, I can't play the piano, but 9 out 10 ain't bad.


  3. Ha! I love that movie! I can play hot-cross buns!

  4. I think Andy's sexy. =)

    He's smart.
    He's funny.
    He's silly (he once used a hoola hoop in Wal-Mart).
    He's cute.
    He's got curly hair (I want curly hair!).
    And a beard (I don't want a beard).
    He's Catholic.
    He's for real Catholic.
    He's for real about being Catholic (there're actually a whole list of traits that are derived from that without which any man is largely intolerable).
    He can beat me rastling.
    AND *drumroll* he's a one of a kind with his own unique lovableness that's all mine. *smiles blissfully*

    I guess that's it.

    Though he also loves food. That's not really sexy, but it's something we have in common 'cuz we love the same food, and we're both really really picky. *beams* I gotta good one didn't I? Didn't I? Yes, yes I did. *le sigh*

  5. i'd add to that:

    common sense


    a good pair of hands

  6. Both very important! I almost did put a good set of hands, and I didn't think about common sense...but it is integral and I'd be incredibly annoyed if someone lacked it.

  7. Dang, I was going to add hands. I love a sexy pair of hands...sigh...

    Also I love a man who can cook.

    And lips.

    And hair. Oh, wait, my hubby doesn't have hair. Okay, bald head. :)

    And is good with kids. There was nothing sexier than seeing my husband hold our infant daughter. When I could get him to actually do it, that is :)

  8. Awww, Heather, I'm right there with ya on a man that is good with kids. That always melts my heart...and now I'm having a flashback to a Friends episode. Nothing new there! The one with Joey and Chandler taking baby Ben out on the town and they leave him on a bus. Ross finds out when he sees the "Property of Children's Services" taped on Ben's diaper.

  9. umm....I won't put my whole list, but let me just say that a guy with a rockin' voice singing the blues while he plays his guitar up on stage is...mmhmmmmmmmm.....I have to go now.....

  10. LOLLLL! Thanks for excusing yourself before it got really juicy.

  11. Well, everything that is already here plus:
    -tall is so sexy
    -Dave plays the guitar, but you don't want to hear him sing!!
    -good kisser and hugger is a must
    -Matthew McConaughey- physical attraction at it's peak for me.... I just might have been able to get over a few character flaws for him!!!!

    CJ- if Dave was like my brothers, I think I would die. He would have a naughty cage that he would probably spend most of his time in, and the rest of the time I would probably have him in a choke hold against the wall!!!
    I love my brothers, I think it's just something about them being younger. They are great now,,,, that they have grown up!!!!

  12. Quite honestly it takes a special guy to get my attention. My significant other got that attention when he hugged me and then paused for an extra couple of seconds before letting go. That got me blushing the rest of the day. And his nice butt doesn't hurt either ;)

  13. Searaygal - is that Sea Ray Gal? I just now figured that out... Sometimes I'm so smart it's scary...

    And back to the sexy thing - Andy cooks. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't think there's any faster way to my heart than my stomach... Well, that and being Catholic... Ok, so maybe he wasn't so uber Catholic when I first got to know him and couldn't get him outta my brain, BUT. And maybe...I...ummm...alsodidn'tknowhecouldcook...
    But that's beside the point! I guess it really is his unique lovableness...

    Not that we don't all have a uniqu... *launches into a ramble about John Crosby's near-infinity of the human person*

    Look! I'm learning to control my post length! *beams proudly*

    Oh, and I figured out why I comment so much... I miss the CSA message board... *sigh*

  14. I find a that a very desireable trait is not letting me push him around - tell me no every once in a while - very sexy....

    Oh- and I am a sucker for a big 'ole goofball.

  15. Sexy means never having to say "over to the left, no not there, OUCH, up a little, right there, ummmm, What? I wasn't finished..... urrgggghhh. Forget it! Where's miguel?"

    (just so you know miguel is my battery operated friend!)

  16. Clean hair-free ears are sexy.

  17. Val,
    Tall is OHHHHH so sexy.

    Right on with the huggin'! Good stuff!

  18. LOL Cher! Just LOL @ the whole thing!

  19. Steph,
    I'm with ya! I can be a pusher, so taking a stand is a must. But not too many. :oD

    LMAO Amanda!!!! Such honesty! Chemistry is niiiice...when it just happens riiiight.
    I feel like Joey on Friends making anything sexyfied by dragging it out....for instance...."Grandma's chickennnn salaaaaaddddd."

  20. Amen biki!!! And a minimal amount of nosehair goes with that. I might be one of the few, but I do like hairy chests and happy trails. Grr!


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