Sunday, April 24, 2005

Where did I go?...

To answer Cher's comment, I'm still here! My weekend has been neither terribly exciting, nor terribly horrible. Just "eh."

I worked 8 hours yesterday at the library, and I have to say, I'm NOT a fan of working on Saturday. It was a mildly busy day (surprisingly) and while I had fun, I really wanted to be at home working out and reading. While I was at work Mom overhauled the back yard...planted some new things, bought some new stepping stones, mowed, trimmed bushes (my job!).

When I got home at 6:15 I checked out the yard changes...lovely! We had a fantastic dinner of cajun rice/shrimp stuffed chicken, black-eyed peas, and sweet potatoes. No carbs there. Riiiight! I took a shower, and I buried my nose in The Secret History, which is getting REALLY really good. I'll have lots of comments on it when I'm done....hopefully today. Oh, and I fell asleep at 10:15 last night and didnt' wake up until 9am. I still haven't been able to shake off this cold, and it's sapping my energy.

I'm about to get dressed so we can go buy the remaining flowers for the new flower bed and grab a salad for lunch somewhere. Arby's Santa Fe chicken salad sounds like heaven.

I'll be posting this afternoon or evening about some weird stuff/people at the library yesterday. I can tell this job is going to be endlessly entertaining.

*smooches to all*


  1. We get strange folks at the library as well. Granted -- probably not as strange as the folks at a public library. Since I work at a private, women's university we get spoiled rich girls asking stupid questions like: "How do I RENT a book?" "Since, like, when do we, like, have to have a library card?"

    I also get random requests for strange items: pillows, bath towels, granola, latte's.... Its as if they think we are a library-spa-hotel-cafe with folks to do your homework for you.

    And I know what you mean about the cold. I feel crappy as well. I got my nose pierced last week and I'm still trying to figure out how to blow my nose without injuring myself....

  2. Glad to see your back! =D Do you hafta work Sats often?

    Amanda - Sorry about the nose thing... If you ever figure out how to blow your nose, plz post, I'm really curious as to how that works out...

    You remember your complaints about the Jesus figurines? Here's something that annoys me more: a sculpture with the Karol Wojtyla as a priest, then at his inauguration as Pope John Paul II, and then at his 25th anniversary as pope... That just came in the paper today. A couple wks ago there was already a stupid plate...
    While I think the figurines are pretty grotesque (remember I like the stuffed Saints), I think this stuff is worse - at least put some respectable distance between his death and the money-making schemes... Or at least wait until his canonization... Though I don't really have any interest in St. statues... Except for Mary and Joseph and Michael (the archangel)...
    Here's the stupid plate: (not only is he barely dead, but the plate's just awful)
    Apparently they don't have the sculpture on their website yet... It's pretty awful too...
    I think the thing that's most sickening is that they've prob'ly had these stupid things ready for production for the last 5 yrs...

  3. Amanda,
    I'm even less tolerant of rich stupid people than I am of stupids in general. I would last out with claws and fangs if anyone asked me for a towel or a latte. lol

    Good luck with the nose ring! I've had my tongue and eyebrow done in the past, and if I ever got anything else pierced it would be my nose. How bad did it hurt?? The tongue and eyebrow were pretty painless.

  4. Oops, last should be lash. Damn laptop screen.

  5. Cher,
    That plate is HORRIBLE! At least (sighing with relief) there's not an image of his corpse on it. And you're right, they've probably been ready forever. It kinda reminds me of the World Trade Center attacks. I think the following week people were pawning pieces off on ebay. Slugs.

  6. Oh, and to answer your question about working on Saturdays....I'm working alllll Saturdays until they consider me trained, and then they'll put me into a rotation so that I only work one Sat. a month. Whew!

  7. see, the weird library people will bring back your edge...don't you worry!

  8. It didn't hurt at all. I figure this can be my event for my quarter life crisis (I'm about to be 25). Its better than jail or sleeping with a married man.

  9. I'm really kinda surprised that the nose didn't hurt. I remember seeing Tommy Lee get his done on MTV once and he was all eye-watery and pussy-fied. Eh, really no surprise there, I suppose. lol


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