Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bastard Paperclip....

The greatest link ever:

Exact revenge on that bastard paperclip that "helps" in Microsoft Word. Courteously stolen from author Cara Lockwood's blog:


  1. No comments on the paperclip. We want details about the new laptop! And how you'll incorporate it into HNT!

  2. I'm here as well about the new laptop (saw a comment from you on another blog). Who would have thought it would generate so much interest?

  3. One of the all time great sites! LOL LOL .. I loathe that thing and it took me eons to see how to turn it off.


  4. Me too, Suzz. That paperclip must die. I can kinda put up with the little kitty version, but the paperclip is Satan.


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