Monday, May 23, 2005

Busier than a kitty in new litter.....

I know! I've been ignoring the blog for a few days.

Saturday: I got home from work and had to go straight to a historical society meeting to talk about our plans for the new library in my teeny tiny hometown. The meeting went swimmingly and it looks like I get to woo someone for a building to use for the whole shabang. Lovely. Time to polish my cleavage. I didn't get home until around 8:00 and _____ called around 9:30. We talked until 11:00, and while I didn't get to blog anything worthwhile it was SO VERY worth it. So much fun. :o)

Sunday: Mom mentioned Saturday night that we were gonna go get our above-ground pool on Sunday, and we did. It took all day to set up and fill, and it's still filling this morning. Now I have a quandary on my take off work and swim or go to work early, try to get off early, and come home and swim. I'm voting for take off work, but we'll see if I have the nuts to fake an illness when I call in at 9:00. I actually don't have to fake an illness, since I still have cramps from the pits of hell and a runny nose, but I still don't know if I can do it. My mother instilled in me an unwavering sense of guilt for taking off work or school if I'm not on the brink of death.

I did sort of swim yesterday....there was 5 inches of water in the pool and I was flopping around with goggles on. Take the mental picture and run with it.

I now have an on-the-way-to-wicked tan. I MIGHT be getting scuba certified with _____ this summer, so I must have a tan, just in case.

Off to decide if I'm sick. More later about my dream last night.


  1. Did you know there's something wrong with your computer? A couple of times you just get a line where there should be a name or something. What's up with that?

    I won't admit that I've ever called in sick on a sunny day, but it gets easier each subsequent time that you might do it!

    As I told Steph--if you're developing a tan, that's a perfect excuse to document it for "Half-Nekkid Thursday"!

    Have a good week--

  2. Ha! Yes, it is a problem...but a convenient one, I must say. Protecting the identity of the innocent is one of my biggest causes.

    I think I'll try it today. It's a good day to be sick.

    I will be snapping a picture of my right ankle for Half Nekkid Thursday. It's a very nicely shaped ankle, and now tan.

  3. Okay. So. did you swim or did you work?? i am just like you. can't take off unless i'm really near death!
    So: you know you were saying your books aren't alphabetized? i know a guy now who keeps all his books logged into a database by ISP number. HILARIOUS. That's how they're on his shelves too.
    Also, someone needs to tell Val that not only will a woman "someday" run for president, but she isn't going to be looking too far into the future! HOW long until the next election and we can start saying "Candidate Clinton"?
    I tend to agree with her premise, but the reality is, its just a couple of years away!
    Your god-nephew is doing swimmingly. He tried to kill me last week a couple of times by knocking my blood sugar into the heavens, but now we've got that under control with a little protein addition to the morning bowl of cereal, so we're going to be okay after two panicked days flat on my back in the break room trying to make the world stop spinning.
    also- i agree with os. what IS wrong with your computer? ;)

  4. my dear andi,

    _______ sounds very nice and exciting despite the fact that you haven't told us anything about said boy. please tell us at least, A)does he have good hands? and B)how old he is.

    thank you,


    p.s. may i come swim in your above-ground pool?...i have never in my life wanted to go to texas so much!

    p.p.s. how do you polish your cleavage? i could use some help with mine...

  5. Ooh--I can help with that!

  6. And if you're going to Texas, it's a little known fact that there's a short cut through Montana...

  7. To add fuel to the speculation Go-go, you might appear to be presumptuous by assuming ________ is a guy. She makes no indication......

    And another thing (since I still don't understand the female animal), do cramps from the pits of hell and a runny nose have something to do with each other???

  8. I hear ya about the cramps. I am pms pissy. Time for some chocolate ice cream.....

  9. I will just say...first of all make me giggle to the brink of snortage. Ahhhh.

  10. I worked. Damnit. I worked a full 9-hour with a lunch break day. 11-8, and it sucked.

    Glad to hear my god-nephew is doing well. Sorry to hear about that trying to kill you thing, and I desperately hope I never hear that about him again after he's born!

    My computer is in tip-top shape! Well, except for the spider-webbed monitor. *cry*

  11. Agolicious,
    I'm mum on the subject of _____. It might be reading. *wave*

    You're more than welcome to come swim in my pool! I finally swam in it tonight when it was cold and unpleasant. Which leads to cleavage polish...much easier when you're cold.

  12. Ossy,
    The cramps and runny nose are in no way related,but together they add up to a bunch of feeling vomitously horrid and a good enough excuse to take off from work. But did I? Nope.

  13. I have peanut butter with chocolate swirls in it, AManda. Yum in the tum, and I'm having chicken alfredo pizza for dinner. Woot!

  14. You make me want to move to Texas and take up residence in your pool.

  15. Andi-

    Pool? Wha--? Pool! Did I mention that I may be getting a job in Austin?


    P.S. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just finished moving home from college and I'm working on (snarl!) dial-up. I'm amazed that life has moved on without me.

  16. Dena,
    You're more than welcome to be a pool fixture here. :oD

  17. Tim! I was wondering where you've been. I remember those days of moving home to dial-up. My condolences.

  18. I'm so utterly disappointed that you didn't take a day off for yourself! But you used the expression "vomitously horrid" again, which I believe was the very first thing I ever commented on in your blog, so it all evens out!

  19. I did that just for you, Os. My tribute to you since I wimped out on the day off.

  20. He tries to kill me after I'm born and i"ll beat the snot out of him. Go ahead somebody. Call CPS!!!!
    I DARE ya. ;)

    I knew you would work. I would've put money on it!!!! I do hope you're feeling better though, and that you get many hours of warm pool enjoyment in the near future!! I may come and wallow my eight month pregnant self in your pool in july if i just can't take it!!

  21. Is your unborn causing you grief CJ??? Be glad you don't live here, Sunday it was 108*, yesterday it was 105* and at 11 o'clock last night it was 98*!! I think that Nevada was supposed to be hell... Andi I want you pool too!! I'll be there in June.

  22. He was kicking my blood sugar around like a soccer ball last week, but we've got it under control now. :) One of those last trimester things. No diabetes or anything screwed uplike that. just a little diet change! i am grateful to live in TN right now, since it hasn't gotten over about 92 YET. I can't believe it! Its the coolest year we've had since i moved up here and feels like heaven when i think about our childhood home! i'm sure it will warm up soon enough...

  23. I'm glad for the no diabetes. But I do feel for you going your last trimester in the summer!!! Both of mine were in the fall (which isn't a whole lot different in TX), but I sill was not ever able to stay cool enough!!! Give the belly a kiss for me!

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. os, i suppose it was premature of me to assume that the person we know nothing about is a guy. however, from what i have gleaned about andi (and my chica's intuition), i believe that our girl is more into boys more than girls. and since i think she's smitten, i believe _____ is an XY.

    andi, is it rude to talk about you while you're in the room? :o)

  26. Ago-golicious,
    Feel free to talk about me while I'm in the room. It's much better than if I were out of the room!

  27. Well, it seems to me that not telling us who _____ is for the sake of that person finding out that you're talking about him/her is a little ptless: you blogged what time and what day you talked to ______ on the phone. So, if your little friend is taking a snoop, then it's all out in the open anyways. ;)

  28. It knows who it is if it's reading, but I'm not elaboring on it to the wider world. Whew. That was a mouthful.


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