Saturday, May 07, 2005

Can't See Cranky

I'm so far past cranky, I can't even see it anymore. I'm sleep deprived, I'm beyond stressed out, I dislike this new job, and I dislike a vast majority of my fellow employees, my attention span is so short that I can't read, everything on TV is shit, and I have to work tomorrow...just like every other Saturday for the next three months. Oh, and I'll be missing the big festival carnival thing happening in my hometown that I wanted to go to. Fuuuuck youuuuu librarryyyyy liarrrrssss!!!! I threw my discman across the room a few minutes ago because the batteries I risked life and limb for last night were already dying, so now I'm listening to Zombie (Cranberries) over and over and over on the laptop. All I really want to do is sleep, but every time I lay matter how fucking exhausted I am...I'm as wired as a lightning bolt to the labia. I need a massage, six Zoloft, and a brisk run. I already had cheesecake....and it didn't help.


  1. I'm having a swig o'whiskey for ya. Hope it helps!

    Sorry to hear about the job, especially the Saturdays. Sounds like you and der Deener are having the same problems. Sort of a sucky week all the way around.

  2. Pretty much. And I hate being a whiner, but my frustration came to a head last night. With the throwing of the discman specifically.

  3. I would make my near fool proof sleep recommendation (the Rosary), but I don't think you'd like it... So maybe I'll do it for you...
    Otherwise, have you considered getting rid of that cold you have? *wink wink* I hear Nyquil works wonders. *wink wink*
    Though I hate using drugs to sleep. I've just gotten used t... Well, ok, sometimes (frequently) I get a bit cranky 'cuz I don't sleep (not 'cuz I'm tired, 'cuz I don't sleep, it's frustrating)... But I've gotten "used to" either not sleeping or saying my Rosary...
    Although, I actually haven't done the latter in a while 'cuz I feel like maybe it's disrespectful to God to pray lying down. And since it would be silly to pop up in bed for the Our Fathers (Lord's Prayer) and then lay down for the Hail Mary's (I figure my mama won't mind me laying down), I've been trying to do it w/just Hail Mary's, but it really doesn't work... Though I suppose that if I were thinking God in the daddy/brother sense, it wouldn't be so bad. But what do you do about the Glory Bes (Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end.)? I suppose that since He dwells in me, He's already lying down... *rolls her eyes*
    Yah, I'm gonna go clean Calvert House now...
    It's finally in the 70s! Yay!

  4. "I'm so far past cranky, I can't even see it anymore"...

    Not sure if that was the desired effect, but that sentence cracked me up. Probably because I can relate so well to the feeling. Can I borrow it?

    Hoping you have better days!

  5. Andi, whining helps!

    Is quitting the library an option? I have to quit my new job before I develop a nervous facial tic.

    I'm sorry you're so down, sugar.

  6. Cheryl, I do pray at night, and sometimes I (and I know it's WRONG) fall asleep doing it. Maybe I'll use it as a backup for sleepless nights. Pray that God lets me fall asleep and then I'll fall asleep and my prayer will have been answered in the process of asking...hmm. Interesting idea.

  7. Rachel,
    I kinda cracked myself up with that one, although that probably makes me a raging vain wench. Oh well! Feel free to use it any time! :oD

  8. Dena,
    Whine whine whine whine whiiiiiine. And I do feel remarkably better. The library thing is only temp, so I'm gonna suck it up and just do it (so wrong on so many levels). I refuse to stop complaining about working every Saturday, though. Blahhh.

  9. Oh no! If cheesecake can't help I don't know what will! I hope things get better!

  10. LOL, that was kinda my thinking, Amanda!


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