Thursday, May 19, 2005

Crash Landing

As many of you know, I haven't been sleeping much lately. I take a shower early and lay back to enjoy the cool sensation of letting my curls dry naturally, grab a book and a glass of ice water...heaven. And I read, and I listen to music, and I blog, and I read blogs, and pretty soon it's 11:00, then it's 12:00, 12:30, 12:45, 1:00. No desire to sleep whatsoever. I think it's the drastic cut in free time I've taken with the two jobs. Either way, I still need my sleep because I'm one cranky wench (snakes sprouting from head, fangs) when I don't get enough sleep.

Last night I finally crashed, and the crash landing has continued into today. I was asleep by 10:30 last night, and it looks like it'll be earlier tonight. My brain is finally slowing to a sad little hum, eyelids dipping, neck becoming lax, and in the back of my mind I hear, "I'm tired you crazy bitch. GO TO BED!"

Today I did a bunch of nothing.

A tree trimming service came at 9am. Head trimmer man gave me that scary rapist vibe. Tall, large build, bald, "bubba" attitude, and a big chainsaw on a stick. I could've been raped, pillaged, and hacked in one fell swoop. Turns out, he only raped our trees. Poor things.

My sleep-ass wardrobe consisted of an old Mavericks t-shirt, blue workout pants (drawstring), and black flip-flops--hair tied up in a knot. I didn't even bother to change when I went for a library meeting at my friend Kandice's house. I didn't feel too bad...we all looked pretty "laid back."

The rest of the day: reading, showering, reading, dinner, reading, blogging. Why? Because I have no life according to Library Bitch (giving finger).

I once again find myself resisting sleep. I'm giving it up and goin' to bed. Sleep is such a waste of valuable time that I could be doing something ELSE.

Note: Responses to the feminism post coming up when I'm not about to pass out!

TV: Never.
Music: Josh Gracin
Reading: From the Dust Returned, by Ray Bradbury


  1. hmmm. I'll ask you a question I've asked myself many times: why do you assume you're *supposed* to be sleeping?
    I finally had to accept that my rhythms were not in step with the rest of the world. So it's 3am and that's just how it is.
    Besides which, there's considerably less bullshit to deal with in the wee hours. Really.

  2. Because I still have to get to work at 9am, and I hate being tired and crank. So, I have to bend my rhythms to be able to function.


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