Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dick, anyone?

Thinking back over the semester at the college, I was just remembering one day when I walked into one of my reading classes with a book in hand (not unusual). I was reading The Beauty Myth that particular day. One of my students, who actually used to be stationed near where I lived in NC, asked what I was reading. When I said The Beauty Myth and flashed the cover he said, "Oh yeah, a chick book." I thought, Mmmmm, sorta, Stumpy. This CHICK (Naomi Wolf) would eat your balls for breakfast. Because it had a pastel yellow cover, an idealized female form on the front (for that tongue-firmly-in-cheek effect), and a chick was reading it, it was automatically a "chick book" despite the fact that, in actuality, it's an important Women's Studies text.

The term chick lit. or chick flick, or chick whatever has been widely accepted by women near and far. Some still take offense to it, but much like the term "bitch" women have started to take theses words back and add them to their own vocabulary.

What irks me is the dismissive attitude that often accompanies these terms when they come out of a man. Oh, it's a chick flick, so it's obviously sappy and overrated andy any decent man wouldn't watch that shit. Since men started this (chick flick, chick book, chick show, chick music) I think it's time for new terms: dick lit, dick flick, dick music, etc.

Wife to hubby: "Hey hun, whatcha watching?" *the sound of machine guns splitting the air* "Dick flick," she mumbles under her breath.

Hubby to wife: "Hey babe, wanna go see a movie tonight?? I was thinking House of Wax or Soul Plane.
Wife replies: "I will not go see another dick flick with you until you come see Monster-in-Law!"

Not that the menfolk will care, but it's time to even the playing field a bit. The next time I see a bloody knife on the front of a book I can brush it off as dick lit. The next time I see Sylvester Stallone in the credits to anything it'll be a dick flick. Oh, and Toby Keith is the ultimate dick music.

G'nite dicks.

Note: I certainly wouldn't want to imply that all men are like this. They certainly aren't, so smooches and tweaks to all the beautiful sensitive boys out there. May your dicks live long and hard.

TV: Long gone.
Music: Martina McBride
Reading: Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson
In my head: Sinus meds.


  1. Oh my to that last comment - aren't we a bawdy little monkey tonight??

    Martina huh- I had the pleasure of meeting her recently at the Gaylord resort - saw her perform for about 200 of us. My friend Eric hit on her. She is a tiny little thing with a very big voice.

    I will try to make some sort of intelligent comment on the actual content of the posting tomorrow sans alcohol.


  2. I'm too tired to come up with a truly witty retort, so just imagine that I've written one!

  3. You are a hoot!! Dick lit,flick....has a nice ring to it. Leave it to you.

  4. LOL, Steph. Just feeling a bit snarky and vile, and this is what happened as a result.

    I love Martina!!! Shes my favorite voice. I tried to go to one of her concerts once. It fell through and turned out to be the weekend from hell. Long story.

  5. LOL, I seem to have struck everyone silent. I'm pretending, Os. *squeezing eyes shut*

  6. I thought it was nice, Val. Use it on Dave and report back to me.

  7. how entertaining! and fitting, too. i'm thrilled you have a name for it now. Not that i will EVER use it...but at least its out there.

  8. i want to google it but I'm at work....

  9. I'M GOING TO TX!!! WAHOO!!!

    Now I just hafta call my ride... =D

    Yes, and I'm w/Clack.

  10. You go Andi!
    I think that should totally become part of the vocab and I know I'm going to start it on my boyfriend when he teases me about my Audrey Hepburn addiction problem.

  11. Oh I love that! Feeling snarky today ain't ya? I can't wait to hit Aaron with that when he wants to go see stupid Star Wars this weekend. Yay!! Might actually make it fun...well...only for about a minute.

  12. LOL! But you can think it, Clack. Plus, your hubby would never make fun of chick books or flicks or whatever, would he?

    Steph, I'll google it for you!! lol

  13. When, Cher???? I'm so excited for you! Come back to the promised land!!!

  14. Yayyyy, Heather and Amy!!! Would pay good money to see their faces. lol

    Good luck with the Star Wars-going, Heather. I loved the original three, but the latest three suuuuck a big hairy toe.


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