Saturday, May 21, 2005

Drugged up and ready to go!

I tried a Tylenol PM last night, and it worked like a charm. I still had a dream about scum of the earth, but I'll get over it. Now I have cramps that would take down a rhino, so I'm going to re-drug myself and be off to hell.

Back later with something more meaty and pleasant than drugs and carnage.


  1. Everyone's raggin' today! The red waters of Babylon have been flooding since yesterday.

    Why, God, why???

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Actually, I'm gettin' off of Depo Provera, so there's 10,000 cramps but no Aunt Flow. If I'm gonna HURT this bad I want some blood, damnit. It's like eatin' crab do all the work and get almost nothing out of it.

  3. I hate it when you guys talk about girl stuff...

  4. Aww, poor Os. And don't I remember a time when you said you liked hearing us talk about girl stuff?? You must have meant pillow fights and truth or dare.

  5. Have you ever read what the pill and all its wonderful forms can do to the female body? I highly recommend looking it up...

  6. Cher,
    Have you read what a baby can do to the human body?? And one's savings?? And one's graduate school career?

  7. Yes, a baby can actually prevent breast cancer and a few other things. It's very good for the woman's body... Now, it might not look good according to our society, but that's 'cuz our society no longer values children... It's like we're returning to pagan Rome and Greece... Wahoo...
    I know it's a late post, but I'm looking for Clack's post about women and the Bible... She said it's somewhere...


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