Saturday, May 14, 2005

Graduate school registration....check!!

This afternoon was slow at the 'brary, so I took advantage of the time by registering for three graduate courses. I'll be attending class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings...Tuesdays 4:30-10:00 (gonna suck) and Thursdays from 4:30-7:10. At least I get the bulk of the work done at the beginning of the week and I can bask for the rest of the week.

Course descriptions:

507. The Oral Tradition and Modern Fantasy for Children. Three semester hours. A study of fables, folk and fairy tales, myths, and modern fantasy for children. Special attention will be paid to the relationship between oral and written forms. Works by Aesop, Grimm, Perrault, Sendak, Lewis, Tolkien, and Cooper may be included.

525. Contemporary Literature. Three semester hours.
A study of the literature of the last two or three decades, reviewing the international scene or concentrating perhaps on a single genre or topic, such as recent American fiction or post-War British poetry.

599. Bibliography and Methods of Research. Three semester hours.
For beginning literature and languages graduate students who have not had an equivalent graduate-level course, this course covers manuscript preparation and format; research techniques for literary, linguistics, and composition/rhetoric studies; and research methods for foreign language majors.

I had planned to take Colonial/Federalist literature because the time was better, but screw it, I can't take another semester of Bradstreet and all the rest. I like that period, but I've studied it three times already. Although I'm not down with the kiddy aspect, I think the Oral Tradition and Modern Fantasy will jive better with a possible thesis topic. I'm always interested in fairy tales, myths, etc.

I'm so excited! I'm such a nerd! And I still wanna take Narrative Theory this summer!!!


  1. 525 is my fave, Andi!

    I swear I spent my life in grad school going to class 4 days a week from 7 to 10 pm. Fey.


  2. 507 sounds interesting, 525, eh. But man, sorry 'bout the last...

  3. Suzz,
    I'm really excited about 525. New prof, too, and I've heard great things about him.

    I could probably take a 12 hr. load and be fine, but I'm easing into it. lol Especially with 2 jobs on the side!

  4. LOL, thanks, Cher. I'm sure you'll see lots of griping about it here.

  5. Since you already know I don't read, I won't tell you what those course descriptions did to me. Then again, the ones for grad music courses would make you scratch your heads too.

    Just got a weird déjà vu thing going here. Did I make the same comments to you or Deener in an earlier post???

  6. I think I may have mentioned these courses in passing and you made a similar comment here. I think. lol

  7. Yea! Fairy Tales!

    Have you decided if you're going to move on campus yet?

  8. Hi, Amanda! Nah, not going to move on campus. I'd rather stay at home where it's cheaper. And fewer potentially-annoying people to deal with.

  9. Andish, I took a fairy tale senior seminar that only furthered my obsessions with gender and socio-economic themes, etc etc. You know how nuts I am about ft's. You're gonna love it.

    Contrary to popular opinion, I think the biblio course will be great. Research and documentation is so satisfying. Do you feel that way? You're going into Library Services, for Chrissakes!

  10. It is satisyfing...and I enjoy research, so it shouldn't be too bad. Starting to rethink the library services...might just get a PhD in Lit. instead. Woot!


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