Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm goin' to the big house!!!!

I have to serve a jury summons today. My first one ever. I'm not excited. I'm taking at least 2 books with me. I just want them to let me go so I can give final exams this week and carry on like normal. I'll be sporting my,

Fry 'em all!

....t-shirt. Wish me luck! Will report back later.


  1. "Fry 'Em All?" What's on this shirt? I've never seen a pro-death penalty shirt... Or for that matter an anti-death penalty one. 'Course, I suppose if you wore a "Go G-W" shirt that would count...

  2. I just went through that last week...thank God they let me out. If you bring books, it should be fine.

  3. Hi there--
    You should be happy to participate in the judicial process! It is one of the most important things you can do to participate in your government! Go check my take on it in my archives (can't link in comments, dammit!) in January. It was my second post ever! Have fun!

  4. um...that was a LOT of posting. you sure are chatty on the weekends! :) I say the fry 'em all shirt ought to do it for you. just say this "i figure if we start toasting people for misdemeanors it will cut down on our crime rate AND our jail overpopulation problem." you ought to be walking in SECONDS. :) be sure you do it with your best hick accent. just because i truly believe these things in my heart doesnt mean that a little drama can't help. otherwise they'll just think you're making it up...
    a book to read- have you read "reading lolita in tehran"? okay its absolutely NOT fiction, but it is a great book. i think i've recommended it to you before. for some crappy adventure fiction with some hilarious cliches in it try a clive cussler. just interesting enough to be worth some brainless reading time and SO funny because the hero is "perfect". in the first one i read the girl actually turned him down for another guy who wasn't "quite as perfect" without her. definitely worth the laugh!
    also loved the post with tom cruise through being buried standing up. totally agreed and enjoyed every post (wait. maybe i should read it again. i hope i'm not incriminating myself....)

  5. oooh- also- lucas kiowski (katie's oldest brother) is at the hospital right now while his wife gives birth! woohoo! i'm SO excited. also- ben is having a baby in november. okay- not ben- scarlett- but definitely ben's wife! :) LOTS of kids in the kiowski clan now!!!!!

  6. LOL, Cher, no matter how badly I want out of jury duty, you will NEVER catch me in a "Go G-W" shirt. lol

  7. Glad you got out of it!!! The book came in very handy. Will post about it in a sec. :o)

  8. Os,
    I would be more than happy (well, maybe not) to participate in the judicial process if it didn't fall during finals week when I have to administer exit exams and do grades. :oD

  9. Clack,
    I got out way quick, and I didn't even have to black out a tooth!!!

    Thanks for the recs. I have read Reading Lolita, and it was pretty darn good. I've not read Cussler, but he sounds like a hoot. I now the library has plenty of his stuff....because if it's a candied bestseller they're sure as hell gonna have it. But do we have a copy of Le Morte d'Arthur?? Not so much. Urrg.

  10. Wow, those Kiowskis are multiplying like bunnies!! Congrats to them all!

    Oh, and Keith decided not to move to NJ. Longish story.


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