Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lemurs have taken over my brain....

Not really, but it's a fun title.

I survived our second family get-together of the weekend. My cousin Kevin and his wife, Carol Ann, brought their 3 kiddos over to swim, and my cousin-in-law, Riley, brought his three boys (and one hanger-on) over yesterday. That's a lot of young kid (no one over 14) in one place, but they stayed mostly outside. Riley annoys the hell out of me talking about hunting and youth sports, but hey, whatcha gonna do?

After we all stuffed ourselves with Saturday's leftovers and the kids froze their nads off, they all went home and Mom and I went off to Circuit City (hisssss) to fight the big corporate bastards about the 15% restocking fee. We lost. I lost 200.00, and I came home and swam for 2 hours. Washed away most of my cares, and I was just glad to have 1,200 back in my bank account (laptop was 1,400....1,000 after rebates). I will be putting up some sort of anti-Circuit City propaganda here on the blog soon. Watch for it!

My mom took off work today, just for the hell of it, and we've been running errands. We took Scooby to the vet for a foot issue, I went and got my new bank card issued (since my current dies tomorrow), and I stopped by the office to visit with Rachel for a bit. Scooby has some mysterious foot problem...probably a sharp, sticky piece of grass broke off between his toes, so he's drugged up on antibiotics and completely unhappy.....but adorable as always.

Tomorrow I go back to the hell-hole (library), and Thursday I start teaching summer courses (Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-9:20). Two summer sessions x $1,700 a piece = one happy adjunct.

Today's menu: reading Saturday, swimming if the sun ever comes out, and marveling at my golden tan. Quite amazing since I haven't been tan in approximately 5 years. I wanna caress my own sexy self.

Note: I got my tax return five minutes ago. Thank you Jehovah (God)!!


  1. shit! thanks for reminding me to do my taxes.

    $200 restocking fee sounds like absolute horse manure to me. you should take this all the way to...to...to whoever fixes crap like this.

  2. Hmmm. Seems like you should be taking pictures of the golden tan. Perfect for HNT!! Even if you're caressing your own sexy self!

    The whole restocking fee blows. Sorry you had to go through that.

    Keep your government in business--go spend that new money!!

  3. No problem Ago-dahling.

    The restocking fee is total donkey-pucky. Michael Jackson's lawyer should be free soon, so maybe I'll call him up to take care of my restocking fee.

  4. Os,
    A half-nekkid tan toe is on the menu!!

  5. Andi, I'm appalled at paying $200 for the privilege of being allowed to purchse something from CC. They're off my list of places to shop unless the restocking fee would be 10 cents.

    They could have at least brought it down some. I was in Costco today and had to walk by the puter dept. They do sell Toshibas nbs. I was really surprised. Thought it would be Compaq or a no-name.


  6. We don't have Costco in the area. Dangit!! lol The closest one I've ever noticed was at least a couple of hours away. I think. Hmm, must look online.

  7. They had 2 or 3 Toshiba nbs. The one that stuck in my mind was $1,500 and had 80 gbs and I think 512 Ram.

    Have never bought a big ticket item from them but I heard they had a great return policy on computers on a radio show. I looked at it once when I was there, out of curiosity, I think it was like 30 days. Can't remember details, though.

    I wonder how much just replacing your screen would be. I've heard that's the most expensive part of a laptop but dunno.


  8. Suzz,
    It's 500-600 to replace the screen. I've already checked, and I don't mind paying it now. My laptop was about 1500 dollars when I bought it and it's awesome quality. The keyboard doesn't feel like cheap lastic, and the touch screen is roomy and sensitive all over (some things that were crappy about the newer model I bought). Mine has a 40 gig hard drive and 512 RAM, fast processor, etc. It still runs great, so I don't mind the hellacious price tag for the screen now. If it'll keep running and keep me happy I'm all for it. And I still have at least a year left on the extended warranty. Woot!

  9. Oh ya,

    that's the best thing to do. Can you upgrade nbs?

    I have one (Think Pad) I bought 4 or 5 years ago but hardly ever use since I use a desktop at home. My son is looking to buy a used nb and is keeping his eye out for a Toshiba.


  10. Nb's are much more upgradeable than they used to be. My monitor isn't meant top be upgraded, but it's gonna!! lol


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