Friday, May 20, 2005

A Question....

If someone were to peruse your collection of choice...whether it be music, films, books, etc...what would the person glean about who you are? What would be revealed?


  1. I think people wouldn't be able to figure me out. My tastes range from dark to light and everything in between -- in books, movies, and music.

    How about you, Andish?

  2. I think they could tell I'm a feminist and I like morbid suicide poetry. What a combination.... (that goes for music and books)

  3. I think people would be confuddled, although I do have a lot of sci-fi & fan stuff so maybe they'd think I was an eccentric nerd.

  4. they'd think i liked books. and music. :) i know this. they've told me...

  5. People would say you are waaaaay to serious and need to lighten up and get some FLUFF on those shelves!!

    Problem with this: I have read myself sick on fluff over a longgggggg time and now, naturally, am reaching the outer edge of the pendulum swinging the other way.

    Just dumped a droning, serious book last night. Maybe there's hope for fluff :)


  6. Love everyone's answers. People would think I have wayyy too many interests to be hormal. I even have a book on my shelves entitled: Life Everywhere: The Maverick Science of Astrobiology. Why?? Well, it sounded good, and I've read part of it and it is very interesting!!!

  7. Hmm, I've got pretty eclectic tastes for all three, so they'd probably think I've got multiple personalities.

    I like what I like regardless it's genre and what other people think.

    They'd also think I'm anal retentive 'cause I like to keep my books in pristine condition [unless I bought it used and it was already looking crappy] and in alphabetical order.

  8. Heather,
    Love your new pic first of all. :o)

    I'm not quite as anal as you are when it comes to books, etc. I like to keep 'em pristine, but I don't alphabetize. lol

  9. Thanks, Andiboo!

    Heh, my brother told my mom that he knew something was "wrong" with me, because when I was 8 I had my books alphabetized...guess I was meant to be a library technician!

    My dad built me some wall to wall shelves, and I just sort of threw my books up. Once I get the chance I'm going to re-alphabetize. I have one shelf for my TBR, and I'm planning on making another one for favourites.

  10. I'm a country Catholic who barely reads fiction and takes life way too seriously.

    (I'm back from the wedding in TX.)


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