Monday, May 30, 2005

A sad day for laptops....

Well, I have a new laptop but probably not for long. I bought what is seemingly a nice Toshiba today. As most of you know, my old Toshiba tragically collided with my heel over a year ago and has had a cracked monitor ever since. It's finally gotten to the point of ridiculous monitor crackage, so I bit the bullet and bought this new one for the bargain price of 999.00 (after rebates).

It's nice....technically as nice as my last one: 512 RAM, 80 GB hard drive, 3.something MHz processor, DVD writer, wide screen. And the buttons are cheap-ass, the mouse pad hangs a bit, and it won't load my SIMS2. And for 1,000 dollars I'm not going to be fucking annoyed with it, so I'll probably take it back sometime this week. I'll have to pay a 15% "restocking fee" other words "15% so the guy who came up with the policy can take his buds out for drinks and lap dances." Fuck corporate America.

My old laptop is like a warm blanket....well-loved and worn around the edges...and the bitch still purrs like a kitten. If it weren't for that damn monitor. Will likely get the monitor replaced, or I might just use my mom's desktop for a while.

Blah blah and blah.


  1. I'm sorry to hear the new laptop isn't working out as you hoped. I've taken a consideration from your post - I own a lap top that is three years old and it hasn't given me any trouble (I haven't even poked the display with a heal). But, I yearn for a new laptop - there are some nice new bells and whistles that call my name - in addition to the tech advances over three years. However, my laptop continues to meet my needs and its performance is more than adequate. My fear is exactly your experience - bite the bullet to buy a new laptop that will reveal all kinds of cosmetic issues or it may suffer performance problems - regardless, I think it best to keep my old laptop (the trusty old machine still has a few blog posts left in it and many of surfing hours to look forward to).

  2. I would recommend sticking with what you have if it's comfortable and functional. Mine is aesthetically challenged in the monitor dept, but it's such a good performer. I wanna hug and snuggle it.

  3. Hum peacefully along with me....

    ...mmm....Steve Jobs.
    ...mmm....OSX 10.4 (Tiger)


  4. Not a bad idea. I do like Macs for the fact that they're more stable and less likely to be cheap pieces of shit.

  5. 15% restocking fee!!!!! (can you tell I'm shocked and appalled)

  6. I was appalled, but not necessarily shocked. Jerkoffs.

  7. Laptops suck. I just had to bring mine in to be cleaned out because it got infected with so much spyware. And I only use it for work!

  8. Eeeewww, my sympathy is officially extended. I hate crap like that...spyware is the root of all evil. And you think I'm overreacting! *making the sign of the cross*

  9. Andi!

    Put up a fuss about the 15% restocking fee. $150 for the privilege of finding out it was a crappy product they are selling that won't load your game?? I don't think so!!!!!!

    These restocking fees turn me into a very mean person! It does not cost them $150 to look through the box and return it to the floor. Corporate greed! Corporate greed!

    Tell them you think it's defective because it won't load your game. Or, ask your Mom to return it for you because some times these places will cave in the face of an older person disputing a rip-off charge like that, frankly. Not that I have experience doing that or anything but, well :)

    The $150 belongs in your pocket and not Circuit City's! *ahem*

    Incidentally, have you looked at laptops at Costco? I dunno what brands they carry. Probably not Toshiba but I understand they have a very good return policy on puters.

    Suzz, going down to glare at her local Circuit City

  10. Suzz is right. When I have a big stink to make over some defective piece of shit, I send my dad in. That man is the king of all refunds. No one has ever said no to him.

  11. I bought my laptop in January 2003 and it's still humming. I think it's clogged with a lot of crap and doesn't have as much memory as newer computers, but I'm only at half-capacity. But when I get a new one, it's going to be one of those tiny, slimline laptops. OhhHhhh those make me hot!

  12. That stinks about the laptop. And I agree with the others, definitely put up a fight on that 15% restock fee! That's bullshit and they know it! I've never had a laptop but I've always wanted one. Of course, I love my Dell dude, wouldn't give it up for anything!

    Toshiba has a website where you can find places that repair their products. Here's the link

    Hope that helps!!

  13. Welp,
    I took it back and my mom and I lost the restocking fee argument. Bastards. But at least I got the majority back. I hate Circuit City!

  14. Hate, don't dis all of corporate America because of Circuit City's crap restocking fee. Not all companies have shit return policies like that. In fact most are too generous. You know all about my "new" toilet don't you?


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