Sunday, May 15, 2005

Salon vol. 2

You might remember my "Salon" post a couple of weeks ago.

Very short recap: Reference Diva is starting a conversational salon to attract the small group of stimulating people in this area to engage in titillating convo and drunkeness.

We had planned to have our first meeting of the minds and bottles already, but seeing as only 3 people would be in town, it got put off until June 17th. After talking with some friends, Reference Diva got the bright idea to call and invite a new professor from the uni. where I'll be studying. Turns out, said professor teaches English and Philosphy. Yep, so I'll be rubbing elbows with a potential professor, and I just hope to God I come off soundin' a lil bit edumacated.

Oh the pressure! Thank goodness for booze. It'll just take one whiff and I'll be totally relaxed.

On TV: Yeah, right.
Music: Not in the mood.
Reading: Same thing.
In my head: Issues of pressing importance.


  1. one whiff? yer a cheap date Professor Hottie Pants.

    I notice in my perusing of blogs that you are going to start reading *Gilead*. I hope you see fit to talk about it here. I thought it was amazing; if I read a better book this year, it will indeed be a very good year for literature. Enjoy.

  2. I will report back here on Gilead, trick. I have high hopes for it!

  3. English, philosophy, and hooch. That's one hell of a combination. Wish I were there - it sounds like college.

  4. I thought so too, BadPat. Heaven in a living room.


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