Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ten Wicked Wants

Ten things I would demand right now if I could have anything I want:

1. A hot tub.

2. A pedicure from a brightly dressed troupe of midgets.

3. Her head on a golden plate.

4. ***Edited for content***

5. A private audience with Gavin Degraw, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Mindy Smith.

6. A night of dancing in a hot, sweaty, thumping-so-hard-it-hurts nightclub.

7. My blue streaks and my piercings back.

8. A flaming pile of How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter and Everything Is Illuminated.

9. All the seasons of Sex & the City at my disposal.

10. A Cheesecake Factory cheesecake the size of a wagon wheel.

On TV: Dunno
Music: GD
Reading: Beasts, by Joyce Carol Oates
In my head: Electricity


  1. Andi-

    All I want are hot chicks and comic books...and guess what?

    I'm all out of chicks.


    P.S. Wait, that wasn't bad ass. That was just sad.

  2. OK, this list changed somewhat from the first time I saw it. Two questions--whose head? and who's B.?

  3. miss andi, i'm so with you on most of these!

    i'm sure my 21 year old midget would oblige you with the pedicure. and he'd do stand up comedy while painting your toes.

    my sex preference would be on a king sized bed with a headboard and at least 2 orgasms (for me). i don't think that's asking too much...

    i want my streaks back too. mine were purple!

    i would add a good massage to the list.

    and yeah, who's B?

  4. Os,
    I'm not at liberty to say, and I'm not at liberty to say. ;oD

  5. LOL, Ago. Send that midget over because I could handle some stand-up comedy.

    The king-size sounds loooovely, and the headboard is a must.

    Yayy for streaks!! I never tried purple....maybe I'll do that next.

    And how could I forget the massage???

    Last, I'm not at liberty to say. :o)

  6. Good luck with all that :Þ

    I like the massage bit too. I want a lovely darkened room subtly lit by vanilla scented candles, soft music playing in the background, and maybe Gavin Degraw oiling me down.

    Nah, I'd really want my hubby. Gavin was for your benefit.

    Then bring on the hot sex ;)

  7. Things I would like are practical, sorta.

    1. My student loans paid off
    2. A job that pays enough for me to have both food and shelter (novel idea!).
    3. My purple hair back
    4. a car!
    5. The ability to instantly orgasm whenever I want....

  8. Thanks, Heather!!! You're too kind for throwing out that visual. lol

    When I bought his CD the other day, my mom walked into the kitchen, picked it up, and said, "Hmmm, he's very lickable." LOL

  9. Amanda,
    I was going for totally impractical, but if I was going for practical the loans would be at the tippy top of the list. I haaaate paying loans!! And I'm about to go to grad school and add more to the total! Yeesh!

  10. Edited! Edited for content. Oooh, now we are intrigued. Yes, my precious, intrigued.

  11. LOL! Thank you....oh shit! I just forgot the name of the lil green guy from The Lord of the Rings. I'm such a traitorous hag!! I have to go home and re-read it right now!!! Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh.....Golum! Whew! I almost had a heart attack!

  12. Have you noticed that Andi's trying to change the subject? I think we need to press to get more of the details on the "edited for content" item. Details, woman! Details!! (Make them up, if you need to....)

  13. andi, that's so funny that your mom said 'lickable'!

    and at least give us some hints of who B is!

  14. whoa! so quit the library job. totally not worth the hassle.
    here's a sad story- i'm coming home to visit the parents for a whirlwind weekend (we're talking not quite 48 hours) and i can't even get in their hot tub because of le bebe! too bad, really, since i NEVER get to hot tub and i do so dearly love it....

  15. Clack,
    When are you coming in?? And I volunteer the get in the hot tub for you. You can live vicariously.

  16. with a daquiri, right? reliving the good ol' days. i come in friday night late and leave sunday evening. i'd say i'll see you but i won't because we're slammed, so unless you show up at aldersgate on sunday i'll have to see you in july! we'll be down for several days then, so i'll give you a holler. (a holler. geez. i grew up in a small town...)

  17. Sounds good, Clack. What's the occasion??

  18. Why????? And I do believe you know what I am talking about..... My want list would include winning the CA lottery on Wednesday, it's at 48 milloin..... oh, the possibilities!!!!

    it won't let me put in my name hummmm

  19. Oooh, share the love if you win the Cali lottery. I don't need much, just 10,000 or so to pay off student loans and stuff. lol

  20. coming in this weekend to (don't die laughing) sing in a musical. what can i say? i'm in demand. :)
    july i'm coming for the annual clack blowout. this weekend also is mother's day, of course, so that's an added bonus, adn i'll get to see the new baby kiowski hopefully, so....you know, lots of stuff, but mostly the musical...

  21. Hi Andi-

    I found you through Dena's site.

    LoOoOove the list. Exspecially No.'s 5 (with only Dave Matthews and some candles), 6 (in Istanbul), and whatever the hell 4 was (with a hot and hairy guy)!


  22. Hi, Kikhwa! Welcome aboard. Hot and hairy is always good. Gotta have something the nestle your nose in!


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