Monday, May 16, 2005

To Hug or Not to Hug

According to another weird Yahoo News article, a school in Oregon has a ban on hugging. Pretty standard stuff in middle and high schools across the country. We don't want any wild woodies running around knocking people over in the halls because the guy got some boobs pressed against his chest before lunch.

One student's mother threw a fit when her daughter was given detention after repeated warnings to lay off the hugginess. A whole argument about student rights vs. creating an appropriate school atmosphere ensued.

Now, the whole point of this recap is to get to Rob Horner, a University of Oregon professor who works with schools across the nation on "building social culture that supports effective learning." This is what he had to say:

"To say 'no hugging' really blows it," Horner said. "That's exactly the sort of trap that, as soon as you say that, what is the first thing everyone is going to want to do?"

How insightful! What verbal pyrotechnics!! And when he said "blows it" did he mean "Guys, you blew it!!" or was it more of a "That blows goats!" type of thing? Hmmm......
The University of Oregon should be *so* proud.


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  8. Dude. That's all kindsa fun stuff you've got there for comments...

  9. WTF? damn spammers.... and I thought we were having a nice debate about hugging in school.

    It would have beek ok for me if they would have banned hugging when I was in school seeing as how I don't like to be touched.

    It would have saved me the trouble of telling boys 'hands off' all the time.

    That's just me though...

  10. okay:

    1) WHAT is a "subtle flamingo"? I need a definition. Possible picture needed here.

    2) exciting about the classes. they sound like fun.

    3)are you SURE the booze is going to make you sound more intelligent? i have worries...

    4)this is a FABULOUS post about the hugging bit. that is HILARIOUS. does this school have a serious hugging problem? i don't remember our school having a serious hugging problem. Oddly enough I don't think ANYONE ever tried to hug me just out of the blue. People weren't rampaging the hallways hugging everyone in sight. shouldn't these folks be happy that their kids worst fear upon entering the doors of the school is....."dear heavens. i might be HUGGED today!"?

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  12. Clack, maybe the idea is that the booze will affect the prof, so that Andi will sound smarter... Though I very seriously doubt that would be necessary... I, on the other hand, might need to booze up a prof to sound smarter... I'm even less eloquent in person... *sigh*

  13. Quick responses because I got called in early to work.

    1) Damn all the spammers!!

    2) The subtle flamingos are kinda white, so they kinda blend unless you look really close.

    3) The alcohol isn't to make me sound smarter, it's to make me not care if I sound stupid!

    4) I loved hugging in school. I wasn't havin' any sex, so it was my way of having some full-body contact with no "issues" to go along.

    More later!

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  15. you must have gotten on somebody's bad list.

  16. What demon site did you piss off for all this crap???

    I missed out on the sex in the hallways when I was in HS, but got to see plenty of it when I was teaching. At least take it out to the car, people!

    As for the professor--you've got to realize that the U of O is where they filmed "Animal House". What more could you expect?

  17. I'll bet you're trying to beat Deener's comment count! I think this would be considered cheating....

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  19. what on EARTH, Delana?? i didn't know blogspots GOT spammed. i guess i'm ignorant...

  20. also- have you ever noticed just how often you get called a cheap date on this website?? you may need to do some soul searching... ;)

  21. AND (i swear this is it until i have something from you) i can't BELIEVE i missed out on a whole conversations about C.S. Lewis. that's what i get for being gone for ONE FREAKING DAY. Geez, Andi. You know I am in love with him. How can you post about him when i'm not here???? Cher- ew. i just called you cher. Cherbear, the chronicles are not actually supposed to be metaphorical, oddly enough. he did not intend them to be allegorical at all. They are OBVIOUSLY Christian, but if you asked him he said he intended no allegory. They are deeper than you think, too. Let them sink in. It will stun you after awhile. some of my deepest theological beliefs come from them. I do love Til We Have Faces, too. What a great book. What a great man! :) And, I forgot your name suddenly, lots of C.S. Lewis is very mushy and not so militant. He definitely has some wartime comparisons, but he also has some beautiful beliefs about God and His relationship with us that you'd probably love. Hippie Jesus and what not, you know. :) okay i'm done.

  22. ewww spam.... that's gross... it stains and its STD infested and its.... oh wait.... is that something else?

  23. Don't worry, Clack, it wasn't really a convo, I was just yapping. Though my understanding of the Chronicles was that Lewis had been wanting to write Christian "mythology." I know Tolkien said he didn't intend for LotR to have any meaning (though it has TONS of it), but didn't know that about Lewis. If I was gonna be in love w/someone it would be Tolkien... But then, he was also a linguist. *makes a groaning noise* So I think I'll just stick w/the one I've got... =P

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  32. The world must be a kinder gentler place than when I was in school. There was no hugging. Except with my calculus teacher after school.

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  34. you may have to start blocking anonymous post-ers...

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  36. Damn! I couldn't even get it typed quick enough to follow her!

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  38. Woooo!! 44 anonymous posts in one day! Where the fuck did these come from??? It is indeed, time to block anon posts.

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. but if you do that how can I spam you for my new shower cam site????


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  42. Holy mackeral! If you were complaining about not having enough visits, I'd think you must be pretty darn tired of them at this point!


    On a pleasant note, it does appear that none of the postings (though I didn't really read them all, or for that matter most of them) seem to be obviously X-rated...

  43. I've done nothing different! And I find it interesting that all the spam is attached to this post...none of the others. Hmmmm. Turning off the anons for now.

  44. Andi, haven't been around in a couple of days, so I just wanted to catch up on my most favouritest blog (yours).

  45. Steph--as the showercam membership guru, it would be my job to get her. But if she's in the cast of characters, does that mean she'd also get the 6-month freebie or the full-year freebie?

  46. Awwww, thanks Denaroo. You made my day!

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  48. That was a lovely ad, Fowler. I think if you took an ad out in Ladies' Home Journal or Cosmo you might earn enough cash for some butt implants. You might even be able to open Hugging Institute. I think the corporate world could do with a little more on the job hug training. The stress relief would be astounding. This is a whole industry waiting to be tapped!

  49. dude - if you bring hugging into my corporate world I will be one unhappy Princess.

    :( hugging is evil. evil I tell you.

  50. Hi, my name is Egan and I am a Huggger.


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