Thursday, May 19, 2005


A list of things that made today far more trouble than it was worth:

My boss was an hour late leaving me all of the opening duties.

Story time - 34 screaming ankle-biters, two of which were lost and I had to help them find their good-for-shit mommy who was happily perusing the fiction section instead of watching her brood.

My boss was nowhere to be found during story time. 200 books checked in in about 30 mins and all three phone lines ringing like funeral bells.

I was asked to stay an hour later than scheduled because BossLady can't seem to work a calendar.

The zipper on my oh-so-cute capris morphed into a full-on wardrobe malfunction an hour before I left work. I had to use safety pins and prayer to keep my ass from making its debut.

TV: Why bother?
Music: John Mayer CD I stumbled upon at midnight last night. Heavier Things.
Reading: The Ice Queen, by Alice Hoffman and slogging through Gilead.
In my head: Ache.


  1. Ah, but your ass would make a fine addition to "Half-Nekkid Thursday"! Don't forget!

  2. What's GIlead like? Slogging don't sound good, but I've heard some pretty good reviews...

  3. Oh I'm worried if you are slogging through Gilead. Maybe I should rethink taking it to the beach!

    I'm sorry your day was so awful. Just think, soon enough you can go back to school, go get a better job than these losers and be happy! With luck you'll get into this library and get all their sorry butts out! :)

  4. Fence,
    Gilead is very thoughtful, but really slow. I can feel like I've been reading forever and only move 10 pages along. I haven't decided if I dislike it or's just slow. Will keep you posted.

  5. Heather,
    I dunno...I might rethink taking Gilead to the beach. IMO it's really slow, but try reading a few pages and see what you think.

    I actually get more laughs out of this library job than pissiness. It's so utterly reidiculous that every day is like this that I just have to giggle at the weirdness of it sometimes!

  6. Forgot to ask, what do you think of The Ice Queen?

  7. Finished it!!! I'll probably post a review over at PR. I started out rolling my eyes at some of Hoffman's hot/cold imagery and generally being put out, but I ended up liking it in the end. She really brought all the plotlines together, and as usual, I always find a mountain of meaningful quotes. It's one of my least favorite of hers, but still enjoyable. Blackbird House is, by far, my favorite.


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