Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Why's....

1) Why are all the interior designers on HGTV Canadian?? Is Canada a hotbed of interior design genius?

2) Why must we, as a society, be exposed to commercials asking, "Do you ever get tired of wet, sticky maxi pads?" I'm certainly not one to be embarrassed by the natural "functions" in life, but let's not dwell on the logistics.

I'll let you chew these over before I post some more.

One more: Why would anyone collect antique baby food dishes?? Do any of you collect antique baby food dishes because I'd really like to understand.


  1. I'm usually just satisfied w/the lack of tv in my life, but sometimes I hear things that make me particularly happy that it's gone... That was one of them...

  2. I'm not a big TV watcher, but I do find that if I want the noise but don't want to have to concentrate or care, I watch the Home and Garden station. Or should I say, the Canadian Interior Design Network.

  3. As for the maxi pad element, I'm following my own adice and not dwelling.

  4. ADVICE!!!! I hate my laptop monitor!!!! *throwing a tantrum on the floor*

  5. I don't want much "CIDN"...perhaps the Canucks are amazingly brilliant when it comes to designing interiors?

    As for maxi pads, in the words of my dear hubby, "Why do they advertise for things they know you have to buy anyway??"

    And advice on laptop, throw across room, buy new one? I know, not in the cards, yet...but I'm sure the temper tantrum helped! But maybe you could write it off next year on taxes as school expense??

  6. Naw, I just stick to PEZ dispensers and the like. It HAS gotten out of hand, but at least it's a habit that doesn't make others fear for their children/

  7. Heather,
    It appears they are interior design geniuses. Maybe because they have to spend so much time indoors because of all the snow?? Seems plausible.

    I'm with Aaron on the pads.

    I'm thinking of buying a new laptop with my summer library earnings. I should have enough money, between that and my LATE tax return to buy a decent one. In the meantime I'll be bouncing it off the wall.

  8. LOL, and welcome BadPatty. What's your favorite PEZ dispenser?

  9. Should I keep Ellie's baby food dishes in the hopes of making a killing in the baby food dish market in 20 years?

  10. Could be! I never woulda thunk it!

  11. i'm with you on the maxi pad stuff. i hate the pad ads that suggest that maxi pads are like diapers in that they smell. please do not compare my period to a shit-filled diaper.

    ewww, can't believe i just wrote that!

  12. Well, I like to buy baby antique silverware.. Not freaky, just cool. If you like antiques and babies, it is just kinda neat to see how things have changed... On the silverware note, most of the stuff they make today is plastic crap.
    On the pad note, distasteful is all I can say.

  13. Val,
    The antique babyfood dish thing was one I'd never heard of or thought about, and I've heard just about everything on various collectibles shows. I've heard of the silverware collecting. Sad that they make such crappy stuff now that won't last.

  14. Hey Andi,
    I'm actually sorta impressed that you guys are getting all the Canadian shows on HGTV. Canada is actually becoming more and more prevalent in the design world. The Designer Guys have been on Oprah and are huge in Canada. They actually bought my friend's condo in Toronto! Very cool!
    Its not just you, but I know Alliance Atlantis has really been focusing on putting Canadian shows on our version of HGTV.
    Amy :)

  15. It really is cool, Amy, and I hafta say, I love watching shows coming out of Canada. Candace Olsen is my fave designer.

    So cool about your friend's condo! Wow!

  16. Designer Guys are my favs just cause they are a riot. I met them on two occasions, Christopher gave me a big hug, he is sooooo much fun! They are so down to earth too. Really cool!
    Sorry, decorating is one of my hobbies, I just love it! If you're into it and you can track down copies, get British Ideal Home magazine, its an import obviously, but it has soooo many good ideas! I'm an addict.


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