Sunday, June 12, 2005

Be in awe....

Tomorrow I will be having a supremely good time with supremely good company. You should all envy me. Envy me a lot.


On TV: Trading Spaces
Music: Don't tell anyone, but I've been listening to Britney Spears remixes.
Reading: Specimen Days, by Michael Cunningham
In my head: Daisies and puppies.


  1. You're grinnin'. You're going to be with ___________. You're rubbing it in. You're listening to the spawn of the devil himself (BTW--I've got her autograph, but when she was still sweet and likable. Insert pervert comment here__________). But the worst thing about it all--daisies and puppies. I wanna puke...

    Hope you have a good time. I hope to be spending time with someone nice tomorrow too. Maybe we can compare notes!

  2. There's no shame in listening to Britney. The "Me Against the Music" bhangra remix...a must kill song! Peace.

  3. I used to have such a pervert crush on Britney. Now I just think of her pox-marked face being teabagged by Federline.

  4. Daisies and puppies are always good things to have in one's head.

  5. I've been wanting to read specimen days. Let me know how it is. Did you read The Hours?

  6. Os,
    Hope your time was as good as mine, but mine was pretty damn hard to beat. :oD

  7. Todd,
    OH MY GOD. I'll never get that outta my head and I really don't want it in there!

  8. NonGF,
    Much better than stinkbugs and cabbages, in my opinion. Now they've it's bunnies and puppies and daisies and roses and cake.

  9. I'll let ya know, Amanda. The Hours is one of my all-time favorite books. I've been itching for a re-read. I'm just so madly in love with it.


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