Friday, June 10, 2005

Blog horn for reading whores....

You all know about my little girl-crush on Jennifer Weiner...and I really should've added her to my lesbian wives and girlfriends club, but, to my complete embarrassment...I forgot her !!!

In the spirit of kissing and making up, I wanted to mention the wonderfantasticalness going on on her blog. She's been at Book Expo America (big convention thingy where authors get to run around, do signings, have book parties, canoodle with one another, and the like.) and posting out the wahoo about it. It's absolutely hilarious. Oh, and read the long post about the review by pseudo-intellectual author of PREP. Also gut bustingly funny....even if you haven't read PREP and have no plans to. Click HERE for the illustrious Weiner.

My newest author blog obsession is Joshlyn Jackson, author of Gods in Alabama. I haven't read her book, but her blog is so good that I will be soon. She's as hilarious as my adored Weiner and posts more often. Woo! Heather introduced me to this blog, and it's taken me a long time and actually read a big chunk, but now I'm wrapped up and entranced. I can blame her when it takes over what's left of my free time and starts cutting into work. Click HERE.

For breakfast: Nilla Wafers and Tylenol
On TV: Nothing...I'm not up for the Today Show this morning.
Reading: The Chalice and the Blade, by Riane Eisler
In my head: That damn unborn twin again.


  1. WHO DID YOU SEE?? sorry about the confusion. that's what i get for posting responses to past blogs on more recent ones. i think its easier that way. for me, that is. not you, obviously! :)

  2. How's the twin doing now in mid-day? Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Sorry to use your blog to plug mine, but I have had a traumatic LIBRARY experience and posted about it. I can't go in to it again. If you work at a library or love libraries read it.

    Blog Jar

  4. and no, Andi, I'm talking about where I had sex in the library!

  5. Ah, I just LOVE Joshilyn Jackson! I'm speed-reading gods in Alabama now and I am so surprised to find that I am totally in love with it! I totally didn't expect the love-a-thon that is going on between me and this book. I read a HUGE chunk of it on the way home from the beach and I can't wait to finish it. It is soooooo good!

  6. Nilla Wafers and NyQuil? I love it!

  7. LOL Clack. Like I said, I blame it on the midday napishness.

  8. Os,
    My head surprised and the twin is still in. Excedrin migraine is a godsend.

  9. Amanda,
    Advertise all you want! I love you, mannnn!

  10. Heather,
    I hope you had a wondermous time at the beach! I'm gonna have to interlibrary loan Gods in Alabama because my 'brary is a bunch of losers, but that's OK with long as I can get my hands on it somehow!

  11. Yes! That's the ticket NON! I recommend it to everyone...the breakfast of champions.


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