Friday, June 03, 2005

Boring Sex

Only Anne Rice could make sex this dull. I'm reading Exit to Eden for a book group, and I have yet to feel so much as a stirring in the crotchular region. Hmmmf. Not recommended so far!


  1. Are you feeling better yet?

  2. i read one of the sleeping beauty ones - didn't like it either

  3. Memo to self, look for next three books for BB

  4. a friend recommended the sleeping beauty book by her and it sucked. it was VERY boring S+M porn. I heard that she doesn't "use editors." She sure could use one....

  5. Don't watch the movie. It has Rosie O'Donnell in S&M gear. *Shiver* scary stuff.

    I have only read 2 Anne Rice books, Interview with the Vampire and Ramses the Damned. I only liked Ramses. Vampire was boring and the movie was just as bad. Tom Cruise looked more horrible than usual!

    PS: Was Katie Holmes born when that came out? :Þ

  6. I think that Rice is the worst writer EVER. I read the Vampire series, but her style is just plain painful.

  7. Ahhh, I knew I could count on you girls to blast Anne with me.

    I read Interview with the Vampire (enjoyed the movie, even though Tom looked fmore freaksome than usual). It bored me to did Servant of the Bones and one of those witchy books.

    I've seen the Exit to Eden movie, and the image of Rosie in her S&M gear is not something that can be scrubbed away with soap. I think it's going to take a lobotomy.

    I dare not read the Sleeping Beauty series. I peaked through in the bookstore once and I was laughing between fits of napping.

    Smooches to all my fellow Anne haters.

  8. i didn't even like the interview movie....except for the beautiful creole girls. i remember sitting in the theatre with my friends who were ogling brad pitt and tommy boy and all i could hear the opening credits to Pulp Fiction in the next theatre...oh, how i wished i was there.

    heather, i think katie holmes could've played the kirsten dunst role...ick!

  9. OMG did not believe the Rosie O Donnell thing till I googled it! Yuck.


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